Saturday, 29 January 2011

Do gifs work on blogs???? Dunno ! So here goes.
Just spoke to my old junior school mate, Dave Sharp , (The Alarm, 1980's 'new age/rock group). Conversation soon turns to 'Theme Songs' and he suggested one of his own toons,
'Hard Travellin' take a look on YouTube,
The Alarm's big hit was 68 Guns..... classic. And those hair cuts man !!!!!
Just realised that another school mate Nigel, was the drummer. Crickey, takes me back 40 years doing 'shows' in Dave house. Think I played maracas and tambourine ) Doh!.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Dan Walsh

Got a facebook follow, from fellow Mancunian Mr Dan Walsh one of my biker hero's and writer of a fave' motorcycle adventure book "These are the Days" (Very funny and a must read). Currently doing his stuff in Bike magazine.
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Today, I am mostly thinking of a packing list for 10-11 weeks bike travel.
Having done big tours on my old GL1500 Goldwing (my first bike), on which there was a lot more luggage space, the old adage 'Less is more', might apply.
At least I can buy new stuff, if the first lot falls apart.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

1st ride of 2011

Despite the 'about zero' temperature on Wednesday, I taxed the GS, got wrapped up, and took a leisurely 100 mile spin over the pennines to Humberside.
The freezing fog that blanketed the Manchester area, was the result of the westerly direction that the weather front had come from. With no escape as the ground level climbs over the Saddleworth Moor, the damp air was going nowhere.
Once over the hill, and heading towards Yorkshire, the sun was bright, sky was blue, but my nose was too.
Even a hint of shutting my visor all the way down, was like someone filling my helmet with milk.
Even the neck and face buff I was wearing, did little to stop the chill factor on my nose, knees and toes.
Thank goodness for heated grips on the GS, for the first time ever, I had them set on No2. (Scorchio).
After a great meeting (more on that later), I set off back, hoping to beat the M62 traffic around Leeds, and more importantly, the early night darkness and dropping temperatures.

Back over the Pennines, the fog was still a thick grey blanket that looked like a valley full of dirty sheep skins, from the top of Saddleworth Moor.
It was around 5pm when I got home, and despite the 'all motorway' trip of 200 miles, it was nice to get back in the saddle.
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Monday, 17 January 2011

Sam the Man

Welcome to Sam Manicom. Biker Travel Guru, to my followers list.

If you are a serious RTW rider, planner, dreamer....... read Sams books. QED:

Thanks to Lois Price for here message.

Hi Pete,
Thanks for the message and the link. Looks like you've got a great trip ahead.
Good luck with it all and happy Manchester trails! I hope the other Manchesters have better weather!

If you have not read Lois on The Loose, or Red Tape, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ?

Even got my missus to read these two, then she took her CBT.... ready for DAS this summer.

Thanks Lois

See you on the road.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hero's of the motorcycle travel world

Sam the man Manicom RTW biker and writer of some fine travel books. His latest Tortillas to Totems carries on his long long trip around the globe. I am in the middle of it..... so more later.
Under Asian Skies my fave' so far.

Here at the NEC Motorcycle show Birmingham earlier on this year.
If you want to ride the world or just learn a bit about life, visit also on Facebook.

Post Christmas fat Guy is me........ back on the diet after seeing this picture.
Talking of old gits !!!!!! (He won't mind)

Simon Gandolfi (right) another 'veteran'. At 72 years old he decided to ride a 125cc bike through South America. Old Man on a Bike, his 11th novel shows that age, bike and fitness don't matter.
What matters is determination.
Why I am sat on his knee.... is another story,

Travel, politics , religion, laughs...... all there.

Additional reading
Ted Simon and Jupiter Travels, & Jupiter Returns. The Bibles of RTW.
Lois Pryce, Lois on the Loose and Red Tape, showing that ladies can do it too.
Dan Walsh, . These are the days that should happen to you. One of my faves.
(RTW one of my shortened phrases, Round The World. Also see M/c as Manchester, and R2M need you ask?).
There are many more good travel writers that have done the 'Biker Thang' , sorry if I missed you out.
You may notice I haven't mentioned Charlie & Ewan and the Long Way Round/Down teams.
Well YES they have been an influence, and YES they get slammed for having support team, and multi million dollar backing.
Despite this, they produced a great series that put pictures to many places mentioned in the books above. They gave Charley Boorman a career, and Ewan another £m or so.
After only watching the whole series 10-15 times.......... I am a fan, and lets face it. ALL those that lampoon their methods, would have swapped places without hesitation.
As the Mercat says: "Simples"*****

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Within the next 7 days, the final planning will STOP and re-start as there will be some awesome news about the trip. Can't say more at the moment, BUT IT'S FANTASTIC NEWS.
Happy Face..... 8-)
SSSHHH! 7 days and all will be revealed.

The route between the towns called Manchester have to be 'looked at', and en-route 'things to see' places to visit, bike events, people to meet.
It's a long road, and this part of the 'plan' is what will make the video, book and blog worth it's salt.
If you live in the areas, near or on the route to Manchesters across the USA (see list) PLEASE send ideas.
FACEBOOK Roadto Manchester Twitter; @Road2Manchester or here on comments. E-mail


Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

2011 arrived and I am a little sad.
It has been 3 years since the concept of taking this bike trip to Manchester was born.
I guess reading just about every motorcycle road trip book out there, added to the videos, the TV coverage and my head full of ideas, has created a monster.

On the bright side I have started Roadto Manchester on Facebook, and tjhe @Road2Manchester twiietr page now has almost 2000 followers.
Both media lines have brought Manchester based people to see the quest.
(Thoughts of Monty Python, Holy Grail... "What is your quest?").

So it;s 2011, No job, no income, business closed down, Christmas cost far too much, bike all wrapped up for the winter...... and still no positive GO GO GO! for the United States of Amaniac.

BUT, life goes on and despite this depressing blog today, I still have hope.
I have asked the Facebook foloowers in all the Manchesters across the USA to pass my on (as it were). The request for information about their town and maybe a bit of video put on facebook, is out there.

Fingers crossed. and as they say in the song. "the only way is up".

2nd Jan 2011 Manchester UK (Man1)

Many thanks from Chris in Manchester Montana USA