Thursday, 28 April 2011

It's a hard knock life......

Busy Busy.
Been to Manchester (UK) to have some press launch pictures taken with the Bennetts Biker Babes, Amber and Sara. Firstly the town hall (Albert Square), then Lincoln Square, The Velodrome where I met briefly with Chris Foy (Olympic cyclist), and then across the road to the Man City ground. (Built for the Olympic bid and used for the Commonwealth Games).

What started off as a cool morning before the sun came over the top of the Town hall, turned out to be a scorcher as I did some action shots on my BMW R1200GSa.

Thanks to Sara and Amber for making the pics look good

More at

I have added a count down timer to the bottom of this page, Man-Boston on the 20th May getting closer.

Off to the THUNDERSPRINT at Northwich , 7-8 May. I might just see you on Sunday as I wander about the Bennetts stands, ask the Babes for a Road2Manchester badge.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Want a R2M badge? Just ask.

Its not often we get an Easter break with great weather. As us English are always talking about the weather, it should come as no surprize that I mention it here.

Easter bank holidays this year include some wedding or other, (Billy and Kat Royalty) giving us some added riding time. BUT for once its not raining. (ssshhh! not too loud).

Thanks to all the 689+ RED DOT visitors to the globe (right side, down a bit). It is quite daunting and exciting as the MAY 20th gets closer.

My fellow Bennetts Biker Dream winners Steve and Ali are currently riding Route 66 and can be followed on twitter @steveandali66 please pass on my regards. Weather there (Oh here I go again), has been varied with a start in rain, though the further south east they go, the better.

Mrs R2M and I rode over to Matlock Bath in Derbyshire on Sunday to see thousands of bikers enjoying the sun and meeting the Biker Babes.

Next Wednesday 27th I am doing a photo-shoot in Manchester (UK) with the girls to start the ball rolling. (tanning up this weekend).

Get out and ride this week... enjoy the ............ chips. (see it's not all about the W )

Saturday, 16 April 2011


Ryan-Airs new overland bus service. No luggage restrictions, or allocated seats.
May 20th 2011 will be the start of my Dream Trip. Flying MAN-UK -to-BOSTON then 36 days later back via San Francisco California........ in between 9600+ miles, 32 Manchesters and some wonderfull stories to tell.

Watch me on youtube/road2manchester , facebook/roadtomanchester and twitter/road2manchester.

Meanwhile off to Matlock, Bath (A6 Derbyshire), 2moz to meet the Bennetts babes (again, Tut!), and the weather forecast is GREAT BIKING DAYZ.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

All a go go

Take a peek at facebook/bennettsbike for a bit more info. And what about this pic of Mr Toseland and 'one'. Oh ! Not forgetting the ladies of course. Great video from one of my new forum friends. Take one road, one Goldwing..... the road just happens to be Deals Gap, Tennessee...... madness. Thanks to the unique visitors on the globe (below right), 500 and counting. Madness ! MORE from Sth America and Africa would be nice.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Bennetts video from MCN Live

Bennetts video from MCN Live Yours truly is at the end..... last 2mins. Sunday. Fantastic weather with total sun, (unlike today, its raining again). I took the GS for a spin. Cat N Fiddle Nr Buxton. I passed an old chap on a 1960's Triumph about a mile from home, said hello at the lights in Timperley then an hour later whilst chatting to some guys at the Cat N Fiddle pub, in he rolls, a quick circle around the car park, then straight out again heading for Buxton. Hope I am still riding when I am his age. (+70 at least). After a great days riding yestersday (Sunday) a BBQ, a beer and a good nights sleep. I am getting 'stuff' ready for the trip. Then I will start to decide exactly what I can fit in the 'boot' of the Wing. Packing is always a choice of minimums but in the case of the USA, I guess I can always buy 'stuff' when I get there. Pants !!!! wash em or trash em!!! Hmmmn ??? Take a look at the Bennetts video.... I am the big ugly one near the finish. (James Toseland look tiny next to me, sorry Jimbo). Later World !!!! PS: Thanks for your RED DOTS on the revolver globe, I love this app.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Dragons Tail a Wing and a prayer.

Some roads just have to be included. But this one puts our local 'best roads' in the lower bracket. 318 bends in 11 miles. Trust the Americans to build a road specifically for bikes..... brilliant. 80). Deals Gap (The Dragons Tail), is between Tennessee and Alabama on my route. AND most definately on the list of must do routes. Been over to see a Honda 1800 Goldwing, that will be supplied for my 9600 mile pootle !!

With a seat like an armchair, great weather protection, and more buttons than a Jumbo Jet, the wing is certainly the bike for doing long, long days in total comfort. Built in sat nav, CD player, heated everything, and a reverse gear. Though I once had a 1989 1500 Wing, the newer version is a much better option. This baby is for sale for a mere £23000...... ouch. See Honda Knutsford....... if you are feeling flush. NB: Anyone got a Union Jack flag that fits the wing aerial ???/ They only seem to do USA flags here??????

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Happy Birthday-------- 2Me

Just days after the announcement that Bennetts Biker Dreams, have made this trip a reality, another announcement. Today is my birthday. 53 yrs old and though the bod' might be looking it's age, the brain is still a teenager. (OK mid twenties then !) Fancy that, a man of my age running off to explore the USA on a motorbike !!!! Thanks to the 400+ visitors to my revolverglobe (down to the right of here). Almost all are from Adventure Riders site and 85% from the states. Though odd one from South America, Oz, India, Middle East and Europe just go to show that the old addage "One World" is still relevant. Answer to world harmony: Give everyone a motorbike, a tank full of fuel and a road to wander .

Sunday, 3 April 2011

I won my biker dream.

I can now officially thank Bennetts Insurance for the fantastic prize that is Road2Manchester.

Those of you that have read the blog back to the early days will realise that the concept for R2M is not new.

I had the idea three years ago, and as late as January this year, was about to give up then with a very short entry to the Win your biker dream competition, my fortunes changed.

After a few attempts at catching me in, the ensuing phone conversation was a bit like one of those timeshare calls.

"Oh yea, whats this gonna cost me", surprize, confused, excited, NOTHING, you have won your biker dream".

That was in February, and now and over the past 48 hours at the MCN Live at Skegness, it was time to announce to the world that the whole trip is happeneing thanks to the team of very clever and good looking crew at Bennetts. (Was that enough???)

As you can see, it was hard work and harder play as Mrs J (yes. she took the photos), and I had a great weekend and as they say on the tin, Bikes, Babes and Bands, made it a great weekend.

Friday afternoon to Sunday, there was lots of action, stunt shows, Wall of Death, Bennetts Biker Babes (did I mention them ????) and met James Toseland who later entertained the troops with his rock band, Crash.

Chatting R2M, Mr James Toseland, off the track at the moment due to his broken hand. Later on stage with CRASH he mentioned that he will be back on form by the end of April and heading for Monza to kick some.....

Good luck Jimbo.

Did I mention the Bennetts Biker Babes. (No dear, its just for my blog followers, I didn't notice them really XXX).

Back in Manchester now and once again many many thanks to the Bennetts team for a great opportunity, great prize and great weekend.

Start date 2nd week in May, with a visit to the Northwich Thundersprint (May 7-8) just before I go.

Have a go at this years Win your biker dream you never know..............................