Wednesday, 4 May 2022

As mentioned a series of short videos straight from the camera.
No editing, just as I recorded them.

Manchester 1 Collecting the hire bike. 14 May 2011


Thursday, 7 April 2022

Well that's a serious haircut.

05-04-1958 to today 5th April 2022.

Well who'd a thunked it, I survived this far. 64 todays and don't feel a day over. Or under !

Yes I went thin and lost my hair, Yes I got type 2 diabetes, yes my eyes are shot with Kerataconis, my knees ache, and manual work is getting harder with each lousy wet, cold and miserable weather day. 
BUT, in my head I am still 25, still have a wonderful wife who puts up with me , and occasionally get out on my bike.

Getting older is good in many ways though. I can be a grumpy old git, I can flirt  with ladies of any age
and I can still get away with OAP prices at some events.

Going back to the origin of this blog, I have started adding FACEBOOK/Road2Manchester posts of the unedited versions of the videos I made on my trip in 2011.  this link should go straight there.

It may entertain or bore your bolls off , but hey, better out there than sat on my laptop.

Chunky Tread Motorcycle Adventure Club is still running doing virtually nowt, but hey plenty add their stories to it. 
I also started up a sales page for your guys wanting to sell your used gear.

facebook    Adeventure biking gear for sale .    Private ads only. 1700 members last count. 

Its raining again here in Rossendale , but that's normal .

Have you followed facebook/Harrystottlepoems yet ? Do it 

bye 4 no
Pete w


Friday, 1 January 2021


 Yes,I know...... not been around for a lon time.

Despite Covid 19 closing the uk down for a year, I have been busy at work all year.

Both Shaz and I got Covid late November,  the a major operation for her just before xmas. 

I bought a cheap Suzuki Burgman 650 which is surprisingly nippy, even with us two fatties, we got some miles in over the Lancs and Yorkshire dales.

Wusty Rex my Steampunk xvz1200 is off road at moment . With no events , it seemed pointless getting it finished..... 21 maybe.

 New Years day...... no hang over   ...... result

Sunday, 19 January 2020

fast Goldwing    0-122 in a jiffy....

Saturday 14th May 2011 |Collect the bike,  Vimeo vid,

NO editing just raw video straight from the camera.... 1 take... bit ruff.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

That went quick

Well its November 2019 already.  Where this year went I do not know.

Llangollen Bike show was a great weekend and one of the few times I got out on the bike.
Wusty Rex and it is now called , has become a steampunk roadster and as time goes on a few more bits added.
between house renovations and work, little extra time for the bike other than the odd hours adding stuff,

This was coming home from Haggs Bank Horizons Unlimited weekend.
One night stat in a tiny tent with no sleeping mat and only 2 tent pegs. Oh and a small summer sleeping bag..... not one of my most successful camping trips.

The up and coming Chunky Tread club Xmas do next weekend as Giants Seat

8-10th November 

A few days before anf the XMAD  PARTY..... well get together for a few friends and Chunky Tread MAC members.

Ian Coates will be chatting about his travels, and the raffle prizes include books and bits from

Neil Foulks
Derek Mansfield
Spencer Conway
Bernard Smith

Giants Seat scout camp is our location. 

More to follow . 

Saturday, 19 January 2019

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