Thursday, 31 May 2018

7 years on...

7 years ago this week I was wandering through America visiting towns called Manchester.
My alter ego Harry Stottle Poet (see facebook/HarryStottlePoems or twitter @arrystottlepoet ) posted this .

Not every day you set out, on a trip to change the world you know
Riding across American lands, ten thousand miles or more, to go.
Leaving my love behind me here, hope she knows that I love her.
The way is clear, so I must ride the Road 2 Manchester.
I have seen some Strangeway’s, the Rainy City shows,
packed my hat Ancoats, just in case it rains like home,
The Man can leave his home town, but does the Manc still sing
Three hundred years in the USA, what changes did that bring.
From the UK to the USA, a message from my town,
Deansgate, Piccadilly will these names be re-found,
Names that may be local to many more like us
Mancunians across the world, do you say BUS or BUZZ
Yank or Manc’ from back, far back in the day
Did your folks come from around here or as we say “our way”.
Black Puddings, Eccles Cakes, We have the cream of beers too
Fish and Chips in newspaper might seem obscene to you.
The firsts of Manchester history for ages long have been
Revolutions in industry, science and peoples dreams
From the Romans to the industrial age we invented innovations
We are half way north up in’th-ills in’t center of our nation.
With wonder, with music, with ideas that moved. the oasis of charm
around the world you hear that we greet with open arms
One thing is certain, that I can be so sure, as I travel near and far
You’ll find me on the road again the road to Manchester.

The 1 year anniversary of the Manchester 'Terrorist' bomb was last week. A young man influenced by his religion and those who want to change the very society that they use to thrive  but say they hate, walked into a pop concert and killed himself and many other your people. Adding hundreds to the injury list and for what?
Those that groom these young people to take their lives in the name of a unproved ethos are still around, still alive to get others to do the same.
One thing I learned on my travels is that people the world over a nice..... just normal, .... just living and enduring their own issues and daily needs.
Only leaders, religious, political and those so call 1% ers, who strive for power create the bad.

My Manchester has been through many such attrocities and survived, we will survive, we will continue. In my travels to 25 Manchester's I found friendly folk , smiles, welcomes and good cheer. I was welcomed into peoples homes.


1 June 2018

I am 60 years old.

I am Harry Stottle, I am Pete Johnson. I am Road2manchester. 

Monday, 26 March 2018

Chunky Tread Motorcycle Adventure Club. CROWD FUND

CHUNKY LOVE.... spread the word
Click above to go to a new page,

We are looking for funds to create a professional looking events and show stand feature. The above link is to allow you to offer £1, $1 1Euro etc etc to our £2000 search for a gazebo, feather flags and equipment to add interesting and colourful stands at events all over the UK.

Thansk in advance and please share the link on all your social media platforms.


Thursday, 15 March 2018

Wow ,.... times flies when you are having fun,,,,,

Next weekend 24-25 th March is the Manchester Bike Show with the Chunky Tread Motorcycle Adventure club, my Facebook virtual club.

Returning for the 4th year we have a great group of traveling bikers to show off.

Ian Coates 75 and 14 years on the road crossing the world

Spencer James Conway just returned from South America after circumnavigation of the coast and 30k miles on his Yamaha. This is the second record he has completed after his Africa trip and TV program Motorcycle Diaries.

Ed March of has spent 2 years wandering along the Trans American highway . -40 in Canada to +40 in South America, Ed and his Honda C90 shows that any bike can be an adventure bike. Videos, Trips, advice.

Ren and Sharon of Bikes&Travels blog, once again show their small bikes adventure story. Funny, Informative and worth a visit with over 13000 hits a month,

Derek Mansfield  with Notes from the Road a tale of his travels across Europe and further, A real gent and friend. Books available on the day

Plus many more ....

Monday, 18 December 2017

Seasons Greetings to y'all.

Busy year with little time to post and no bike until recently.

I have gone to the comfy side buying a Yamaha VXZ1200 venture. (Harley copy I know).

1- Cheap enough not to worry to much if it gets dropped
2) Big enough to carry Sharon so she can get involved .
3)  Old enough to farkle and add bits and pieces without effecting value.
4) Existing panniers to add junk.

What else happened in the past few months?

Moved house and spent every spare moment decorating etc:

Bought a new van

Got busy at work.

Missed all the Chunky Tread BAC events due to above

Merry Xmas to you all and a great new year.

Facebook page changed from Roadto manchester due to FB rules. Now under 
Pete Johnson........ 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Manchester in shock

yesterday a young lad blew himself up in the name of Islam.
22 years young his leaders convinced him that me would be a martyr. He is simply dead. Along with him 22 people died , children, wives, mothers, fathers.
Nothing gained, he is dead. No virgins waiting, no fame no future.

I can say nothing else other than the cause he was murdering for has no future. We managed the bombing of world wars, we survived the IRA and one stupid kid takes life for nothing.