Tuesday, 17 November 2009

An open invitation to join me on your bike goews out to celebrabiker Amanda Bearse Aaron Eckhart Caprice Hulk Hogan ANASTACIA (please please) Adrian Brody Carre Otis Ice Cube Angela Jolie. Oh yes. Al gore Catherine Ball Jay Leno Ann Richards Al Kaline Charle Sheen Jezzer Irons Antonio Banderas Alanis Morisette CHER Jim Carrey Axl Rose Aland band Cindy Margolis Jessica Alba Ben Campbell Alfonso Ribeiro Clint Eastwood John Travolta Bill Goldberg Alton Brown Dan Akroyd Jude LawBill Mueller. Billy Bob Thornton The Hoff Kate Hudson Bill wallace Billy Gibbons Demi Moore Keanu Reeves Billy Joel Bob Geldoff (Sir) Dennis Hopper (a must) King of Jordon Prince William Bob Segar Doobie Bros Kyle Petty BONO Brad Pit Fabio (bit of competition) Laurence Fishbourne Branscombe Richmond (Cool) Bree Turner Gary Condit Leo Dicaprio Brian Bosworth Brock Lesnor Harrison Ford Llam Nealson (I will find you)Bruce The Boss Springsteen. Bruce Willis Heatgher Kozar Malcolm S forbes Bryan Adams Cameron Dias Hugh Laurie Marc Knopller Mary Hart Matt Le Blanc Mel Gibson Michael Schumaker Mickey Rourke Mike Oldfield Naomi Watts Nastassja Kinski Nick Cage Nikki Sixx Orlando Bloom Ozzy Ozbourne Pam Anderson PETER FONDA PINK Russel Crowe Rutger Hauer SAM ELLIOT Sheryl Crowe Slash Sting Ewan and Charlie Tom Cruise Vin Diesel
join me for a mile and add your name to the cause.
anybody know these guys e-mail or twitter accounnts PM me.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Spare us a penny guvnor'

OK This is the big push for PENNY sponsors. get listed and help us make £$€,0000000 for water aid charities.
TARGET $200,000

I penny per visit. thats it. (more if you like), paypal us (ask for details). Nothing an be simpler.


I hail this interchange of sentiments, therefore, as an augury that, whatever else may happen, whatever misfortune may befall your country or my own, the peace and friendship which now exists between the two nations will be, as it shall be my desire to make them, perpetual." Abraham Lincoln 01/19/1863 Letters to the people of Manchester.

And as the wheels turned once more, I think of what I left back there, yet the horizon beckons to another town called Manchester, out in the world, somewhere.
Pete Johnson . May 2009

The United States of AM-anchester.
"For Manchester is the place where people do things.... 'Don't talk about what you are going to do, do it.' That is the Manchester habit. And in the past through the manifestation of this quality the word Manchester became a synonym for energy and freedom and the right to do and to think without shackles."From "What the Judge Saw" by Judge Parry, 1912.

"I arrived in a shower, in the wet now set off,Eight days in the place I remained:Seven days, seven nights and a quarter, I vow,By Jove! it incessantly rained.What then? not a day nor an hour was I dull:The Lancashire lads played their part:I found every friend of politeness brim full,And myself in the midst of the arts.May Manchester flourish! and if once againBy chance I should ere be brought hither,I hope that from weeping the clouds may refrain,And grant me a peep at fine weather."From anonymous poem written at the coach-office and appearing in the Manchester Chronicle, 1821.

"If I should be so blessed as to revisit again my own country, but more especially Manchester, all that I could hope or desire would be presented before in one view."From the letters of Robert Clive (Clive of India).

"Certainly Manchester is the most wonderful city of modem times."(From "Coningsby" by Benjamin Disraeli, 1844.)

Our charity for fresh drinking water throughout the world. Poem competition. Aug 2009.

Counch pennies, Pocket pennies, Top Draw pennies too,
Ash Tray pennies, Mucky pennies, Any Penny 'ill do.
Under the bed pennies lost in't fluff, YOU can't buy now't with a pee
But send your pee's to us my friends, And we can buy a sea.

B Morton. (12)

The Manchesters

0) Manchester UK , Lincoln Square,
1.New Hampshire
5. Missouri
8.Marshall, Alabama
9.Walker, Alabama
13.Dearborn, Indiana
14.Montgomery, Indiana
23.North Carolina
24.Adams, Ohio
25.Summit, Ohio
27.South Dakota
28.Red River, Texas
32.Pando, Bolivia
33.Nickerie, Surinam
34.Ontario, Canada.
35.Manchester Parish, Jamaica

The Bikes

problem is that all the biker TV that now exists expect to get a bike for nothing + support, cash, promotion etc etc.

BMW, TRIUMPH, HARLEY I like these bikes, but they get asked everyday for a free hand from bigger fish that l'il old me.

This is of course you top dog world tourer, BMW R1200GS Adventure. made famous by Ewan N Charlie (Long Way Round & Down).

£12,000 is a bit rich

Your Triumph Rocket 3 tourer is of course a big beast 2.9 litr engine and enough power to rip your arms off. Great for the USA highways, and frankly a bit of a wish lister for me. just to show that we still have a UK bike legacy for the world.

Pic courtesy of Triumph USA

Then there is Harley and the list of models is endless. They are in trouble so they say. lets hope they say Hey pete, take ur pic.

29 Manchetsers in USA.
It would be rude not to visit every one. Even the Dakota Ghost town, blown away by a tornado. 7000 miles, thats a lot of Manchesters.

More Manchester info to follow.


many a good idea was quashed by the complete lack of 'getting it' , by the potential backers. The art of sponsorship is a battle ground and I have no doubts that if I was some B lister celeb, then the powers would listen a bit longer.
I have read just about every biker adventure book out there, and i common with ebery other writer, they did it because it was what they wanted to do. No issue of selling books or getting fame. Days like these should happen to you, written and oerformed by Dan Walsh, a real renegade and social drop out, Brilliant. Lois on the Loose and Under Asian Sykes, Ted Simpson and the Jupiter duet of motor cycle bibology. They all got paid, and got backing for the follow ups, I do need to make a living, but I also beleve that there is a story going back 120 years about Manchester, the 6 million people city in Northern England where it all began. Famous for just about everything, from public transport, modern policing, computers, railways, Rolls Royce, The industrial revolution, cotton, music and black puddings.
The other 30 odd Manchesters spread across the globe must have a connection, and it's my mission to search for the slightest thread that shows that The man can leave Manchester, but the Manchester can not leave the man.
I need help and all the bits between, business is bad, the UK is in a massive downturn and the economy is at breaking point. All we need it some light hearted informative and lets hope funny Mancunions from across the world to show that we can take it, make it and shake it, with the rest.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Busy Busy

Been TWITTERIN like crazy, search Road2Manchester for daily comments.

Bin for a long one on a R1200GS BMW, its just the job, though it;s a bit like paying £150 for a tennis racket, just for Wimbledon Week trips to the park. Nice Bike Nice Nioce want one.

STILL trying to get things done but Spring 2010 seems more likely.

7000 miles total including Dakota ghost town Manchester.