Monday, 16 November 2009


many a good idea was quashed by the complete lack of 'getting it' , by the potential backers. The art of sponsorship is a battle ground and I have no doubts that if I was some B lister celeb, then the powers would listen a bit longer.
I have read just about every biker adventure book out there, and i common with ebery other writer, they did it because it was what they wanted to do. No issue of selling books or getting fame. Days like these should happen to you, written and oerformed by Dan Walsh, a real renegade and social drop out, Brilliant. Lois on the Loose and Under Asian Sykes, Ted Simpson and the Jupiter duet of motor cycle bibology. They all got paid, and got backing for the follow ups, I do need to make a living, but I also beleve that there is a story going back 120 years about Manchester, the 6 million people city in Northern England where it all began. Famous for just about everything, from public transport, modern policing, computers, railways, Rolls Royce, The industrial revolution, cotton, music and black puddings.
The other 30 odd Manchesters spread across the globe must have a connection, and it's my mission to search for the slightest thread that shows that The man can leave Manchester, but the Manchester can not leave the man.
I need help and all the bits between, business is bad, the UK is in a massive downturn and the economy is at breaking point. All we need it some light hearted informative and lets hope funny Mancunions from across the world to show that we can take it, make it and shake it, with the rest.

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