Saturday, 1 December 2012

Overland mag issue #4

With thanks to Paddy Tyson  and the Overland staff for a great write up in the latest  issue. (No 4)
What a classy mag this isand I assure you that if you buy it , you will keep each issue safe.
Apart from excellent stories , the quality of the paper and photo reproductions is second to none.
go to  buy on line and get a new coffe table , cos thats where it will live.

After a week of bad weather and fog on Thursday, winter is here without doubt. Riding to work each day has become a bit of a chore, but needs must.
Christmas is not far away, and the usual huff and stuff that that brings. On a good note Sharon is 51 years old on Monday, and thats nice.
Looking more beautiful each year babe. I loves ya !
That it for December 1st 2012, and if I don't see you before, have a great Xmas.


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Viva Las Vegas

Guns n Roses , Las Vegas, Nov 2012
Its not eveyday one gets invited to Las Vegas, so it was a pleasant surprise to be asked to fly there from Dallas to train a new gang of stonecoat applicators. Not only another first, but staying in the
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino was another good reason to pack my suitcase yet again.
DFW to Las Vegas is just over 1000 miles and a little over 2 hours on a plane. With a 'problem' before we took off, the delay was explained as the Coffee machine leaking. Hard to believe but an extra hour added after we had boarded is always a pain.
Vegas is a sprawling place in the middle of nowhere and the red rock mountains are quite stunning as you fly in. I missed the Grand Canyon fly over as the guy in the window seat was asleep and the blind was down.
Next day, a quick guide around the offices of CLM and we were underway. Classroom stuff and a quick run through the who, what, where.
After a run through and practise wall day two and three were practical and re-finishing the exterior of the building.
The red stone of Nevada was the plan.
Later that night, I managed to blag a ticket for Guns and Roses in the hotel. Not a bad end to my Vegas visit.
 Front row.... not bad !!!
By Friday I was back in Addison TX, and spent the last few days relaxing before flying back to the UK.
Saturday saw me attending the Progressive Motorcycle Show in Dallas. A small affair with a good turn out of manufacturers. Some lovely customs and vendors to talk to.
A few hours to myself, and a nice break from 'work',
16 hrs on the go, I arrived back just as Mrs R2M was going out to work.
The Motorcycle Live at the NEC Birmingham starts today, So maybe another show by the end of next week.
Take one Honda Goldwing, and start again.

Monday, 5 November 2012

The guy working next to me is wearing two T-shirts and a hoody, plus gloves and a baseball hat. Its about 89F in a cul-de-sac of 10ft high brick walls and the cloudless and windless sky and high sun is giving me a trouser sauna. Even with a single T-shirt and shorts, I am suffering, lifting and shifting and working along side the locals.The two Mexicans and a Texan thing its cool today. They can not believe that I am too hot. Summer temperatures here in Fort Worth reach 120f and I am going to Vegas on Sunday, and thats in the desert. Sunday comes and the two hour flight receives an extra hour wait as the planes coffee machine has sprung a leak. Yes, only in America , but even with the water turned off, the coffee gone and the loo's not flushing, it took 62 minutes to get us off the ground. The passenger were strangly calm and accepting of this delay. Viva Las Vegas. I miss the Grand Canyon fly over as the window seat is occupied by a magician on his way to a gig. He is asleep, the blind is down and the mumbled PA announcement by the pilot was lost in a mix of static and his southern drawl. The 30 stone black DJ on my left added to my own 'bulk' hinders a comfortable trip, but arriving over Vegas I am surprised at the vastness of this yellow earthern landscape dotted with buildings for mile after mile. A giant blue lake below looks like the Adriatic coastline and as we land once again the calm on the plane surprised me as the passengers allowed all those in front of them to get up and leave in order.(No matter how long it takes). Entering the surreal world of Marbella on speed, the bright sun hasn't managed to heat the dry air above tolerable. Texas time was reduced by an hour as 'daylight saving time' came into action last night, take off plus either one or three hours for the trip west and its either lunchtime or breakfast, I still don't know. Travel back in time , yes we can ! The Hard Rock hotel and casino is just another glittering icon to the dollar, and the 'strip' can wait until its dark. Meanwhile the splendour of the vast air conditioned room allows me some rest bite from the noise of the street and the continual row of planes that pass just in front of my 7th floor window, bringing some more dollars from all over the world. Despite the supposed reduction in the economy the airport is mad busy and even in the arrivals lounge the ever lasting stream of slot machines that spread into every nook and cranny let you know you have arrived. Vulgar or great, false or fantastic, it doesn't matter, Vegas is cool as custom cars and bikes wander by. Its Sunday so I guess its 'go for a ride' day and the international feel is a change from the All American macho attitude of Dallas. I could be in Marbella, it could be Blackpool, but for the sun. I am here to work, and the next five days it will be just another city, another hotel room without a decent cup of tea and eight blokes more to train, take some stick about my accent and send out into the world of Guns and Roses are on down stairs on Wednesday.... now there's a thing, I dare not evenlook at the price of tickets, and anyway Slash is missing form the line up. My host is in the reception bar which has 18ft wide TV's showing 3 football games at once, 200 slots, food and most important BEER, so as you would expect from a Brit abroad....... I'moff

Monday, 29 October 2012

Back in the USA Its the end of October and as the clocks go back an hour in the UK and the temperature drops to a few degrees above ice cold, I am back in the USA. Texas to be exact. Not riding this time just here to evaluate a new job position-oportunity. The temperatures here hav e been between cool (double T shirt with my shorts), to 85F which is pretty hot for October. Addison is a flat and newish conurbation of single story shops and outlets, appartment blocks and a small airport that has a fine collection of privately owned Leer jets. Dallas and Fort Worth is just down the road, and money is all around. I just spent a week in the wilderness of Cisco TX, a wild west style town that boomed in the Oil years and the site of the very first Hilton Hotel. The biggest buiding in town is now empty and derelict as is most of the town. I was there to train some new Stonecoat guys in the art of stone effect walls, and despite 90 F rain storms and 48f winds.We spent a weekworking long days to finish 2800 sqft in 5 days. Thats pretty good going. Back in Addison, I am sat in a cheapo hotel for this week before heading out for LasVegas for more of the same next week. The issues of food that I recognise as healthy or tasty still stands. In Texas things ARE BIG. Big quantity small on taste and quality. Very few things are crunchy, and many meals are mush on a plate. After a week of Tacos helped along with plenty of Halapinos, the lack of licenced restaurants means that its Water, Coke or Iced tea. I am being looked after by my hosts, and spent the first weekend here running around in a monster 5.7ltr Hemi truck kindly lent to me by Clif Tinder. Big Loud and thirsty..... the truck not me or Clif. We had a laugh with the crew, worked hard and created friendships that will last.

Friday, 12 October 2012

After a few weeks of banding about with telephone calls and e-mails between UK and USA, I finally got the tickets booked for a visit to Texas. Stonecoat Inc to be exact in Arlington . The job is to train some guys in the art of stone effect carving (decopierre), and I will stay a few weeks to see if there is a more perminent position with the company. Not much riding to report as my bike will stay here under wraps, but that doesn't mesn I won't be looking for something to ride out there. I got a four page spread in a UK maga2ine called Motorcycle Sport & Leisure. Plus the section header page show my on the Dragon Tail. Great to see some press about my trip.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Horse shoes and turbo bikes.

Running afew days behind blogging my Bennetts Biker Dream has been a juggling act. Some days more things worth a mention happen and fade out the previous day. Today the 8th June, I started early and left the Super8 Motel at 7.15am to get to Manchester within half an hour. This has allowed me an 312 miles spin and an early finish in Kimball South Dakota. So here is a double report to catch up.

SS Badger, the oldest coal fired ferry on lake Michigan was ready and waiting when I rode the 1/2 mile main street Ludington to get to the port. Just 7am and a few cars had already beat me to the queue. the officer in charge of security and his 'sniffer' dog, waited. Carrying any arms, sir? I was tempted to say only these two, but he looked like a man not too happy to be up so early , so refrained.

$118 seemed a bit steep, but the option to ride 200 miles around the lake and through Chicago, was the other one . The 4 hour rest and experience was enough and meeting Liisa, a designer from Harley, plus the daft bingo manon board made the journey worth while.

Corey Clark a Tech teacher and biker who found me via and facebook suggested the SS Badger and a visit to his place for beer and a bed for the night. Hard to refuse and a quick call once in Wisconsin ensured a great night of chicken wings, horse shoe throwing and bike talk.

Fame at last. Motorcycle Sport & Leisure a UK motorcycle mag has a nice 4 page spread in their travel section.................... about ME. I posted out short versions of my journey and as well as this great mention, I hear that Bike, Ride and Overland mags will also mention 'one' in their autumn-winter editions. Funny how it was over a year ago that I completed this life changing mission, and the one down-up side is the bug that has bitten. I read a lot about the 'what do you do after' syndrome and have come to the realisation that it really exists. One is supposed to settle down and get back to reality when a great journey is completed, but the fact remains I didn't get to all 33 Manchesters and with another UK couple already on their way to complete a 50 Manchester world trip, I am trying had to get my book finished to get a QED once and for all. My Twitter @Road2Manchester page is suffering with still under 1500 followers, not sure why but just thought I would mention it as 18100 pageimpressions and 8000+ readers on this blog I should have a few more Iguess....... 80( October weather is even wetter with floods and rain for weeks, buttoday Sunday 6th was sunny though colder than recently. The clocks go back shortly which means dark mornings and evenings in Britain. Winter draws on, as they say. TTFN

Monday, 1 October 2012

October 1st 2012 I have to say that September just went by in the blink of an eye and as Autumn (Fall) arrives,the summer that never was has started to dissapear. Searching for work was on the cards, and despite getting a job in a warehouse, the wages are low and hours very long. The UK biking scene has struggled this summer. The rain has fallen just about every day for a month and despite being hot, nobody wants to sweat in full weather gear whilst getting wet on the outside too. At one point I was telling the world I was going back to the USA to work in the stone effect wall sector that I have been involved in here. All was suddenly stopped at the eleventh hour as my hosts pulled out due to 'directors issues'. October is now here and shortly the clocks change to winter time and its dark in the mornings and dark at 4pm. No fun for those working indoors as they only see sunshine at the weekends. Still looking for a better job, I can only stand 6 days, 60 hrs for a short time, and though I love to work, the place and the peoople need to be half resonable. ends

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Only in real life... a week like that one

Over the fence at the back of our house, a neighbour was chatting about the weather, the other neighbours and the time of day. The subject of engines came into the conversation and the question did I know about narrowboats. (Barges). My limited knowledge about Perkins diesel engine resulted in an invitation to take a look at it and fix a few issues in exchange for a weeks free rental on the Bridgeater Canal. First visit I located a few leaks in the fuel system and sorted that out. Second visit saw us put-putting down the canal for about 3 miles only to find the engine over heating to 180 degrees, so we returned. The 'free week' coincided with Sharon having a week off work, and a bank holiday weekend so plans `to take the dogs for a few days in the Cheshire countryside at the top speed of 4mph was on the cards. The next berth at the marina had a live-on-board chap who said he was a marine engineer, so with permission to have a look, we set up our gear for a Wednesday sailing. The barge wasn't done and the week was running out, so a change of plan. Get the dogs 'sat out' with family, get the tent out, the motorbike and go to Wales to see the Cardiganshire coast. Early rise, loaded and we set off in a threat of rain but ready for anything. 40 miles down the M56 motorway, I pulled over for petrol, and the bike won't start. Battery flat, NO turn-over..... nothing. With the help of a passing Cheshire Police breakdown truck, I got a jump start and decided to go home rather than take a chance. Car loaded (with more stuff than we had on the bike), we set off again and eventually arrived in Bala with the rain looking inevitable. 15 minutes we were set up, kettle on and it started. Rain, thunder, more rain and a blessing that we were not on the bike after-all. Good old Fish n Chips in the town, a few pints, game of pool, darts and a bit of a shop for breakfast stuff, and we were in bed for 10pm. The campsite was mad busy due to the holiday weekend and the combination of the rain, thunder and partying families a fractious night was the result. The man next door had pitched under a tree that had the effect of bullets hitting a door as the dripping rain added some volume to the rest of the mayhem. In a short respite from the rain, the morning saw us pack up very quickly and hread for the coast. The coast road (A487) is very similar to Highway 1 on the west coast of America, though perhaps not quite as long, or winding, but with the sea on the right and hills on the left, it was close enough. The sun was out and getting warmer, we found a quiet site for £15 a night which though expensive for a 9ft x 4 ft patch of grass was not as bad as the £19 at Bala. With a visit to Aberaeron the highlight of the weekend, we enjoyed that essential English Saturday night meal................ a curry, and a Beer and live band across the road on the harbour. A real gem of a town, busy and very pretty with almost every building a different colour than its neighbours. A 'real' sunset and a 11pm return to camp, the weekend was a real result. We will return to the area, and would like to go back on the bike and I can recommend the area to any traveller. Back home now and with Monday off work, time to reflect and plan another trip.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Time for a major change in life.

What depressing times. Not much work to be had, and struggling to keep the bike (my only transport at the moment). Jobs are rare, and good money even harder to get. About a month ago iwas in contact with Stonecoat in Texas, who promised me a job over in the USA, all bell and whistles, and a month to see if we got on, and then possible long term career in the States. Then nothing.......... eventually and e-mail, stating that it was on hold. GREAT ! ....... Having to do some driver-multidrop work to try and make ends meet, even that has dried up today. 10-12hrs days take their toll, but even that will not settle the bike payment issues, though BMW Finance have been great. On a better note, I got the pictures back that Matt and Alexa had used for the single copy book I got for my birthday this year. So here are a few to see.
Funny how a reasonably simple month long road trip can alter ones whole 'being'. Seeing the other side of the Atlantic and being active on various forums within the Adventure Travel sector I find myself looking towards travel as a real must do. Sharon is getting the vibe too, as things here get into a daft state of wanting more and ending up with less. Talk of us selling up and moving on are in the throws of making sense...... keep watching.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

15th July 2012 where has this year gone. 8500 hits to me blog.....................thanks guys. Fantastic. Funny how life pans out. I has been looking forward to a potential new opening in Texas USA. My proper job 'Decopierre stone effect', has ground to an all time low here in the UK, with NO new enquiries since March, and the other potential work in Bordeaux France suddenly was not forth coming, so contact with Stonecoat Texas, was a great surprie when the owner showed great interest in me getting over there ASAP to help out training, applying and generally becoming the Euro-Face of their operation. Flights planned, dates sorted, lots of calls and e-mails..................... then nothing !!!! No contact for 2 weeks, then a short e-mither saying, its not going to happen after all. Cheers guys ! No explaination, just not at the moment. So back to square one. In the mean time I am doing some multi-drop driving, and how things have changed. 50-60 parcels a day, used to be the norm. That was prettyhard work, but these days 100+ is normal. I have discovered one thing though. 70% of houses do not show the house number. 50% of homes with no number but a name, do not show the name on the gate post, or a legible sign that can be seen from a van, in the rain. (Can't imagine what its like in the dark winter months). and the bigger the house, the less likely it is that the owners add a sign or number though they find time to have a 'Private Road' or 'No Parking'or even better 'No Turning' sign fitted. IF YOUR HOUSE HAS A NAME, PUT A SIGH UP THEN DRIVE AT 15 MPH, IN THE RAIN, AND SEE IF YOU CAN SEE IT. AND putting the sign on the gate itself, then going out leaving the gate open, means the sign can NOT be seen ...... WHILST ON LINE ORDERING YOUR TAT, ORDER A bloody house number or sign. Or you might not get the tat at all. GRIPE OVER. Now this is a road............. NO TURNING signs not needed.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Weather you like it or not

If it’s ‘Brownie Points’ you are after, or just because you have to, riding in the rain is a definite feature of this years basic requirement for many BB’s (British Bikers). “It will rain or go dark before midnight”, as my father used to say. I actually enjoy the kudos and the knowing glances from car drivers. That second glance or nod that indicates ‘this guy knows what he is doing’. After all who else would be daft enough to ride in this weather. The inner feeling that ‘Yes , I really am a hardcore biker’. Though the extra time needed to get into a one-piece suit designed for someone with the agility of a Russian teenage gymnast, and not a fat 50 something with si2e 13 boots, is a bind, it would be a YouTube winner if ever I film the 10 minute version. Let’s not forget the glove issue and the lack of full waterproofy-ness, though the addition of bright yellow Marigolds under them works for me. (The ones with the fluffy insides of course) The challenge of doing the distance in bad weather became a part of my daily chore, when riding through the USA last year, when for seven days it rained Datsun Cogs for over 1200 miles. Being on a mission to complete 9600 miles in 33 days, there was no option but to get on with it and put those damp gloves back on, add the one-piece when damp, and the fun really begins. If you have ever seen Houdini escape a straight jacket…. in reverse Once back in Blighty, the rain was never enough to stop me going for a spin and a recent misadventure with my old Volvo and loss of job, means my trusty GSa is my only means of transport at the moment. Out looking for work this week, I wrestled the one-piece into submission, find my marigolds, expect the drips on the slightly open visor to get me right in the eye, watch out for grids, white lines, diesel spills, dopey drivers and puddles the si2e of boating lakes, and weather or not, I will probably enjoy it.
Raining again....... this must be July in Manchester, England. PS I have lost the 'last letter of the alphabet' and the forward slash keys on my laptop. They keys are still there, they just refuse to do there thing, so 2 in the new 2...... if you get that , oh ! question mark has gone AWOL too.

Friday, 15 June 2012

I am going post raw video footage from yourtube, no editing, here is one of the first May 13 2011, 9am, Manchester UK for Gawd I look fat......

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Friday, 11 May 2012

On the 13th May 2011, I was getting ready for the flight to the USA. Shock, worry, apprehension, excitement. I wasn't sleeping too well and Sharon was getting more used to the idea, yet still not 'happy'.
On Friday 13th at 10am I walked down the corridor of Terminal 3 Manchester Airport leaving my wife Sharon, Daughter Alexa and niece Rebecca (Becks to me) behind. A slight tear, a deepbreath and I was on my own, the journey had begun.
That morning had been a whizz, BBC Radio Manchester at 8.30am, BikeTorqueTV at 9am and a radio interview by Capital FM at the airport. The next month and a half would be a whirlwind of which many have followed and some have shared. I thank you all.
A year later almost to the day, I reflect on a year that has flown by and a realisation that over 16,000 page hits to my blog from 8500 visitors since I added the 'Revolver Globe' to my blog.
2011-2012 has been a strange year, I have struggled to find regular work, had a constant nagging feeling to get the book written (though finding work has taken priority), and carried on using my bike as much as possible.
BMW Finance have been great and helpfull along the way. I can recommend them.

Having been self employed for many years, and now at the ripe old age of 54, I am struggling to find a new career, and the small amount of jobs I have had are not enough to realise the plans and dreams Sharon and I have.

One thought came to mind when surfing the web (seems to be my main pastime at the moment). Motorcycle Touring has become massive over the past years and many of my Facebook friends, Forum chums and Twitterarti plan big trips and adventures.

Being on the edge of Europe is ideal to travel east across to the middle and far east, Europe and even north Africa. All within land locked roads once across the English Channel.
But what about those from other countries, that want to visit the UK on a motorcycle. There are a few motorcycle travel companies in the UK, and what about another.

I know the UK very well. There are not many places the England Scotland or Wales I haven't been in thirty odd years of work, play, and travel. On a bike, car or truck.

For all those motorcycle riders wishing to visit the UK and see more than London, Stone Henge or the M1 a tour organiser, leader, to show the way around the real UKis now available.

Planning a tour to suit $$$, sights, interests, time, accomodation choices and per day miles is unique.

Your thoughts would be welcome.


For those in the North West area, the Classic Bike speed trials and bike show at Northwich (4 miles west of M6 Junc 19) This weekend 12-13th May.
Saturday is a quiet day, but Sunday see's the racing around a car park (better than it sounds), which is a sprint time trial of old classic bikes of all styles and types. The streets on Northwich are closed off and over 10,000 bikes, riders and fans turn up for the event. Sunday weather is supposed to be good.
AND ITS FREE.  (NB: A Spitfire fly-past most years is worth the wait). link to.

I was invited to read and review Ted Simons new book Rolling Through the Isles and received a pre-release copy last week. Spending a few good sessions reading the story of Teds youth, the war years and his recollections of the places and people that had an effect on his life.
Having travelled around the world twice, written Jupiters Travels , Jupiters Return and a few other books, his latest story is a pleasant meander and worth a read if not just to discover some new places to visit.

Monday, 23 April 2012

My first ever ABR rally and first time camping for many years. This weekend saw the BACK to the BOIL Rally from the ABR Forum ( a gteat place to meet and chat about anything. Like minded old farts gripe, bellyache, and laugh about 'stuff' , bikes and travel.
The camp at KIRKBY STEPHEN in Cumbria (Junc 38 M6) is a great starting point for a ride into the LAKE DISTRICT (One of our National Parks, for those looking from abroad) . The lakes are a must visit area of the UK for Brits and foreign travellers and the 'gang' included a guy from Taiwan and a couple from Germany, visiting the Uk and joining in.
A fantastic ride out with 25+ bikes made the weekend, despite me missing the group for anhour as I videoed the start. I caught up in Ambleside, and enjoyed passes, sea views, lakes and mountains in the company of new friends.

Great thanks to James 691 for all his hard work, and planned rides.
Some guys went off road, others went on a 'Pipe n Slippers' pootle.
I managed to drop my bike as I got off. Catching my pants on a bracket, it was enough to move the bike forward off the side stand..... bugger.

Video above was slapped together on Monday as I recover the camping in a very small tent, and with lots of noise from fellow campers till 3 am. Cheers Jay. 80(

It has however made me realise that this biking lark is just the best way to relax, excercise, see the world, meet new friends, and have a great time.

Notes to self:

Slightly larger tent
Gas cooker.
All season sleeping bag
Inflateable pillow
some off road experience.
book more ABR rallies. my video of the day
(click link to open seperate page view in youtube)

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Twos company

The best westher for March in 30 years. Well last week anyway !

March is normally windy, cold, snow, rain but not 23 degrees and blue skies. 25th March >>>> No excuses then and Sharon and I went for a pootle down to Matlock Bath via the Cat n Fiddle. (Spoilt by the addition of 'average speed' cameras.).Not to be disapointed, there were hundreds of bikes lining the streets of MB, a regular biker haunt since the 60's.
A pint of shandy and excellent fish n chip lunch, we watched the myriad of bikes and people wandering up and down. An hour passed and we set off back towards Buxton and over the A6 home via Stockport.

Friday 30th and my daughter Alexa and future Son in Law Matt came over for dinner. They are going to Wales for a week of R&R and as my birthday falls on the 5th April brought an early present.

A one off book, printed to a high quality and put togerther by them both. Matt editing the pictures and Lexi doing the set up.

What a fantastic surprise and brilliant present,

See more at

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Eides of March

A stoneFXwalls sign I made for the Adventure Bike Warehouse in Manchester. Polystyrene and Decopierre.

Funny how time flies when you are not very busy.

Blogging the nothingness of winter blues
Writing pros about dull dull days
Spend a winter in my shoes
Following life along the way.

BUT that is only me , how are you doing?

Its March already and despite a lack of work, and therefore funds, I have taxed the bike, and yesterday went for a ride to the opening of a new Touratech branch in Chester.
Getting ready for a ride is always a bit of a chore. Get the bike out, check oil, chech tyre pressures, find the keys, put all that gear on. Boots, thick socks (stil a bit cool here), thermal undies, pants and jacket, shake out the helmet in case of earwigs or spiders, soften the gloves, get far to hot inside the house, then off we go. I have whittled this performance down to about 18 minutes, if I find the keys right away that is.

Seven miles in, some old bloke in a pick-up truck pulls out over 3 lanes right in front of me. Anchors on, I was slowing down for the imminent junction ahead, so had time to stop before T boning him.
Oh well just another day on a bike.

Cobwebs cleared, I start to remember what a ride out does for the soul. The winter has been long, the 'fun'times few and far between,BUT add some miles of Cheshire countryside a snippet of sunshine and it all brings back the simple joys of travelling without any other reason.

If work is found and funds are replensihed, then a few trips with Sharon are in the pipeline. Italy is beconing.

Cao for now.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

January and the rain is falling

"You Engleesh, you are always talking about the weather".
A neighbour who came over from Hungary two years ago, mentioned during one of our early chats. He had done the esatern European thing, and moved here to make some decent money, educate his family and will probably move back once he has done just that.
"Wait and see, I replied".

This time last year we had a few feet of snow that froze solid and stayed till the middle of February. This year we have had nice sunny days, high winds, heavy rain,, and just a couple of frosts. It has been said that we do not get seasons here. Just weather. My neighbours who are used to hot summers, hard winters and real snow, have become 'locals' and the regular "Nice Day" greeting has become the norm.

One thing is certain, the 'weather' in the North west of England, does not lend itself to riding, and reports of a rider being blown into the path of an on coming truck is not surprizing. Thoughts go out to his family. He was just on his way to work.

Nothing else to report this week other than I am in the jobs market and seeking employemnt within the bike industry if at all possible.

Thanks for looking


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ted Simon Foundation Companion

The Ted Simon Foundation has kindly made me a 'Companion' of the foundation. This is a great honour to be a part of the work thay do at this early stage of the foundation.

I will be returning this web address and adding my book to the fray.

(Once I have finished it of course).

Winter is here with a vengence, as the wind and rain keeps me IN the house. The GS is wrapped up on a SORN and its first MOT is now due. ( If you are elsewhere in the world, that means no road tax, and road safety certificate, just a couple of the stealth taxes we have to pay).

I am looking for work at the moment so many of the 'plans' to tour this year are on hold. For a bit.


there is a UK tour in aid of the armed forces (more later), this is a sponsored ride circum-navigating the UK taking in the best riding roads.

Vacation this year...... the aim (should finances allow), UK-Switzerland-Italy, and back via Corsica- ferry to Marselles, France and back.

Have a great New Year and lets hope 2012 bring the best for all.