Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Alter Ego Harry Stottle Poet,.


Another page. Moving is such sweet sorrow. B & C

Turn that page you kept shut long enough
the words of life spell a story so tough.
Each speck of dust that launches a tender sigh
They float away and reach the open sky.
Does that floating tear mean more
than this
,memories are bitter sweet but do not miss
For the days we had and the day we have
left, are shared with those thoughts and mixed with the rest.

Its good to remember but better to accept that the best bits are
behind and the better still yet.
Though you want to be brave and show not one regret
The one in your heart you will never forget.

But she was a fighter and a love is still in these things
So pack away memories in boxes with string.
Mark those up with a  felt tip pen
and when you settle you can open again.

But do not unpack with a tear in your eyes
You bring those memories back from your lives.
Better to love and lost than never loved at all
but loving Cathy is eternal, and its boxed, in the hall.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Chunky Tread 2016

The Manchester Bike Show 2016 will be held over 2-3rd April 2016 at Event City Manchester UK

The same weekend will see the FIRST Chunky Tread Motorcycle Adventure Club camping weekend Campus Mancunion just 10 miles from the event,

Campus Mancunion will be for riders and visitors to the show and involve a Friday open gate, with supper by MAMA SUES  SOUL KITCHEN

Saturday a BIG supper after the show and a band (if we can find one),

As with all CTMAC events, the whole thing is by you for you, We need any of the following FREE of course, This is for riders not for profit.

Helpers for the site. Friday noon +, Welcome  shift.   Saturday all day security and welcome Sunday till close. 

Helpers for the show: Set up stand help.  Up to 12 interesting bikes and riders, (some already taken)

Ride Out leaders: Sat and Sunday.
                               Off Road. 
                               On Road, 

SPONSOR. to help with, 
Large marquee hire and band. Stand build.

Early days and help, ideas and help needed for all aspects. 


Manchester area. TBC

Camp cost: LOW 

Stand places. £20 per person/bike for display boards etc:

More info as it happens