Monday, 25 August 2014

I find myself writing a bit more 'book'. But these pros are always a spur of the moment when nothing is on TV worth watching. Today is a Bank Holiday when us Brits plan weekends away, BBQ's family get together's and events.
The usual weather of high winds and rain arrived for another dull Monday. Despite a respite yesterday when I visited a small town centre bike show. The sun was trying hard to beat the cooling wind, so I got my BM out and rode the 12 miles to Stockport.

Based in a car park in Stockport, the Roughleys Bike Show is a Trike, bike and rat bike show for the clubs who partake in those embroidery rich denim jackets over leather. The theme of tattoos on all parts of the body including the face and metal studded gems sticking out on show from ears, noses, eye brows, cheeks, lips, and probably many of the same unseen.
With a good mix of bikes and riders, the uneasy feel of so many biker gang types wandering around a very small site was enhanced with various young rock bands playing on a 40ft trailer. Their sound system and cheap instruments not helping the noise that this Thrash Metal version of music makes, the organisers seem to believe that music-less shouting is what the customers want, who am I to argue.

I stayed a few hours meeting a couple of friends from my riding days out and about, including Sharon from The Biker Guide (see below).

For biker friendly places to stay, events and general information. A great website and helpful A5 booklet.

Well it will soon be September and it seems our summer may be over sooner than normal. It was a short one again and with no holiday this year (excluding the TT races which was hard work). lack of a good income this year has not helped and plans are afoot to get sorted otherwise another BIG trip may never happen.

Where. when, if...... lets see what 2015 brings.