Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I sit in the office from 6am each morning. The traffic outside starts to increase as the recent changes in the clock ensures that mornings stay darker but evening will become lighter. British summertime is late as an Easterly wind brings freezing Artic winds from the Pennine Hills.
Here in Manchester (well south of the city), we have missed out on the chaos of regular snow,that much of the country has suffered.
The guy on his Green Kawasaki, and matching leathers comes to a stop at the traffic signals each day, and I shiver in support. I too have stayed true to the cause and ridden through freezing air and sudden snow storms.
The weather is unusual considering this time last year we had a mini heat wave, though today the dry and bright sun tried its hardest to fight the wind, and the Kawasaki man was not alone.
A steady stream of sports bikes, nakeds and the true sign of a good day to ride a couple of Harley.s pop popped by.
Some offering a scream as they showed the drivers just how fast they can leave the spot, others just bimbled by as they caught the lights on green.
Sat shuffling papers, pushing keys and loading files, I looked up as each one came within ear shot. Mixed with the constant drone of traffic on this 'main' road between the M6 and Manchester, the A56 shares its lanes with screaming sirens as the local Police, Ambulance and Fire services test their volume at every passing.
Summer landed in Sale, on a week day, and I am sure this Saturday and Sunday will see many more Weekend Warriors taking their steeds out of the garage for the first time this year.

Watch out for bikes from now on, the riders are rusty, the roads are still dusted  with salt and the sun is still low in the sky.
As the man said:


Before I go, thanks to Triumph, but in't this cute ????

Couple of knobblies on that and Bobs your dirt track.