Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ian Coates. That's worth a search on Google.

After a short stay at our place last March, Ian and I have become regular contacts and he recently asked if I could help get him a spot in the up and coming Motorcycle show at the NEC. Birmingham.

The Motorcycle Live event has become the UK's premier bikers show as it is easy to get to and has free internal parking for bikes (needed in November). 

Ian spent 14 years wandering around the globe and with his good humour, self reliance and ability to fix most things mechanical , he survived by being a nice guy.
Search Ian Coated Africa twin on Google then wonder why he is not that well known in the UK.

When he asked me to help get him and his trusty bike into the show, (on someone else,s stand), I was too busy to do much, but put out an all point bullitin on my internet 'places' and he is now going to be there.

well done Ian