Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Seasons Greetings to anyone watching. I have had some success with Facebook
Roadto Manchester with photos coming in from new friends in Manchesters across the US. (see below).

Xmas Eve tomorrow and with 9 for dinner on Christmas Day, the prep starts for the big one.
The bike has been relegated to the garden and fully sheeted up against the freeze that continues. Minus 13.5 this week, is pretty much a record for Manchester (1) and the ice has not melted for 3 weeks now. Not rare, but unusual for us.

This Christmas is a low profile one as our pockets are bare (as they say).
Work dried up in November and the lack of funds means a quiet, low spend Xmas this year. This also does not bode well for the trip of a lifetime, which is fast becoming a road to nowhere.

Still, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays for the US) and looking forward for a better 2011 all over.

Manchester Montana yesterday. Cool

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Trip by Twitter

Having just read a web report about a guy that travelled the world, through help from twitter followers, the seed has been planted.
If a man with no transport, money or maps, can get around the globe, then surely I can get support from this media and facebook, to get to Manchesters 2 to 36.

The 'as the crow fly's' mileage has been calculated at 8976 (US) which in real terms could be 12,000 on the road. (250-300 per day = a month on the road).

@Road2Manchester on twitter is heading for 1000 followers and following 2001 (limit for Twitter until I get 2000 followers) I am still looking for methods of getting contacts in the USA Manchester's This is a slow process.

Contacted today to seee about a new e-mail address ending in Thought process for the 'who@' being, Comments please.

Big Plan: It seems daft to transport my GS to the USA and add $000's to the costs. So idf I can get enough media coverage, I will approach Harley, Triumph, Victory, BMW for a free loan bike.

The Film.
The video camera bought off e-bay is not quite as good as the advert stated.
Digital.... its the future.
As my aging ACER laptop has just about died after 5 yrs of abuse, coffee spills, drops, cat sitting on it to keep warm, memory full, a new one is on my xmas list.
The trip has to happen now, the problem is the cost. I have had no work for 6 weeks, the crappy UK weather has put a stop to the already crucified building sector as the UK's economy hit a lifetime low (My lifetime certainly). Christmas is just 10 days away, and I have never been so broke, and know many friends and family that are having money trouble.
Bad times, but this makes me more determined to get this project 'on the road'.
Two years ago I thought of the idea, the time is right.

Friday, 3 December 2010

The Manchesters

Other than adding Manchester, Mexico, the route from East Coast USA to West coast via 32 towns called Manchester, continues as a PLAN. Add Manchester UK (Man1) and the route is still unclear. I am looking for an on-line mapping / route maker that wuill allow 32 addresses to be added and routed, without paying for a new program. The sponsorship SEARCH CAME TO A HALT a few months ago. it would seem the world economy does not allow for the 'small' NON celebriry endorsed films. not sure some time in the lime-light or infamy makes it more suitable. still looking for information regarding the Manchesters. Some are small groups of houses, some towns. do you have any info about the following: Manchester Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico
Manchester, IA 52057, Manchester MO,
Manchester, TN, Manchester, AL 35503 , Manchester, GA
Manchester, IN 47041, Manchester, CT, Manchester, MA 01944
Manchester, PA, Manchester, AL 35976
Manchester CA , Manchester, IL , Manchester, IN 47933
Manchester, KS 67410. Manchester, LA 70647, Manchester, MD Manchester, Manchester, NC
Manchester, OH 44319, Manchester, SD 57231
Manchester, VT, Manchester, WI 53946, Manchester, KY 40962, Manchester, ME 04351 , Manchester, MI 48158
Manchester, Sun Prairie, MT 59404, Manchester, OH, Manchester, OK, Manchester, TX 75412, Manchester, WA
twitter; please add me to your followers list at road2manchester

Sunday, 3 October 2010

October 2010

New video camera on the way, £43 off ebay. So it begins with a few shots of Manchester 1.(Man1) UK. to create some markers of what to seek in the USA. Man2 will be in New Hampshire, so a big leap of faith to get things moving, YOUTUBE footage to follow.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Confused ?

The mileage and ther nuber of Manchester's keeps changing as the invites come in. There are 39 we have outlined (a aprt from Manchester UK Man1). Even Jamaca has one. Some have disappeared in hurracanes or floods, and some are nor accesible in one road trip. The final route and numbers will be depending heavily on just which states the sponsors want to cover.

Wow where did this year go

Desite the Long gap, I am still here and still planning. The NEW BMW R1200GS Adventure is in my garage, and despite not being the Triumph Rocket or Harley I would have liked for the USA section (most of the trip) It has a great pedigree, a massive 400 mile tank, and tend to be very reliable. I have had some interest from potential sponsors but the current financial problems in the UK and USA are not helping. Any how, the bike is ready, I am ready, just need the £25k to get the video production system and trip on its way.

Sunday, 31 January 2010


hello, I have a follower. H'ray. At last I am not just blabbing to myself.

Thanks and welcome, feel free to pass it on.

Feb; tomorrow. Crikey time flys. I have not got much further, as times in the UK are bad. No work since November and now very broke. The big plan is on hold, but with twitter account active @Road2Manchester you can see regular update and chat there.

Desperate to get on a bike right now, but today it snowed 2" though not as cold as last time. +3 today, it seems ages since the minus 12's two weeks ago,.

Still looking for good USA road map or atlas, but found nothing in UK yet.

Ta Tar for now.


Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Thoughts and hope for the Haiti thousands and especially the kids now without families. Lets hope the outside world do not use this disaster as a means to a political end and that the Haiti people now join the rest of the world as a democratic and safe country. The start is now, and all everyone involved should start a fresh with hope. God Bless.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Glimmer of hope

Every time I get dispondent and think this is just a pipedream, someone calls or e-mails at gets me all excited. @Road2Manchester on twitter more and more followers keep adding support messages. I am adding all States twitter writers to my list to see if i can get sponosors and the Million Pixel site is brewing up nicely.