Thursday, 16 December 2010

Trip by Twitter

Having just read a web report about a guy that travelled the world, through help from twitter followers, the seed has been planted.
If a man with no transport, money or maps, can get around the globe, then surely I can get support from this media and facebook, to get to Manchesters 2 to 36.

The 'as the crow fly's' mileage has been calculated at 8976 (US) which in real terms could be 12,000 on the road. (250-300 per day = a month on the road).

@Road2Manchester on twitter is heading for 1000 followers and following 2001 (limit for Twitter until I get 2000 followers) I am still looking for methods of getting contacts in the USA Manchester's This is a slow process.

Contacted today to seee about a new e-mail address ending in Thought process for the 'who@' being, Comments please.

Big Plan: It seems daft to transport my GS to the USA and add $000's to the costs. So idf I can get enough media coverage, I will approach Harley, Triumph, Victory, BMW for a free loan bike.

The Film.
The video camera bought off e-bay is not quite as good as the advert stated.
Digital.... its the future.
As my aging ACER laptop has just about died after 5 yrs of abuse, coffee spills, drops, cat sitting on it to keep warm, memory full, a new one is on my xmas list.
The trip has to happen now, the problem is the cost. I have had no work for 6 weeks, the crappy UK weather has put a stop to the already crucified building sector as the UK's economy hit a lifetime low (My lifetime certainly). Christmas is just 10 days away, and I have never been so broke, and know many friends and family that are having money trouble.
Bad times, but this makes me more determined to get this project 'on the road'.
Two years ago I thought of the idea, the time is right.

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