Friday, 3 December 2010

The Manchesters

Other than adding Manchester, Mexico, the route from East Coast USA to West coast via 32 towns called Manchester, continues as a PLAN. Add Manchester UK (Man1) and the route is still unclear. I am looking for an on-line mapping / route maker that wuill allow 32 addresses to be added and routed, without paying for a new program. The sponsorship SEARCH CAME TO A HALT a few months ago. it would seem the world economy does not allow for the 'small' NON celebriry endorsed films. not sure some time in the lime-light or infamy makes it more suitable. still looking for information regarding the Manchesters. Some are small groups of houses, some towns. do you have any info about the following: Manchester Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico
Manchester, IA 52057, Manchester MO,
Manchester, TN, Manchester, AL 35503 , Manchester, GA
Manchester, IN 47041, Manchester, CT, Manchester, MA 01944
Manchester, PA, Manchester, AL 35976
Manchester CA , Manchester, IL , Manchester, IN 47933
Manchester, KS 67410. Manchester, LA 70647, Manchester, MD Manchester, Manchester, NC
Manchester, OH 44319, Manchester, SD 57231
Manchester, VT, Manchester, WI 53946, Manchester, KY 40962, Manchester, ME 04351 , Manchester, MI 48158
Manchester, Sun Prairie, MT 59404, Manchester, OH, Manchester, OK, Manchester, TX 75412, Manchester, WA
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Karla Akins said...

Does North Manchester, Indiana count?

Pete Johnson said...

Sorry for delay, just learning that I can answer questions(Doh!) YES Indiana is IN. Whats on in your Manchester Karla. Places, people, routes, town hall e-mail,

Anonymous said...

Only just found your blog but must say your plans look brilliant. Not sure if it's what you're looking for but google maps will allow you to create maps? Also, re. sponsorship, with this sort of thing, providing the writing's good and decent photos etc., I often see these sort of adventure's attract money once they've got themselves established a bit so good luck with that. Are you familiar with
I'm not sure but he seems to get by. Best of luck from a fellow Manc (doing a bit of a tour of the southern US states later this year on 4 wheels unfortunately).