Sunday, 25 May 2014
            @IOMTT  #myjourney

Honda Europe sent an email asking for contact with Ian Coates to offer two VIP places in a weekend at the Isle of Man TT.
The TT is on every bikers Bucket List , and I for one have had a thought of how to add this event to my own must do' list for many years.
I went to the IOM as a school kid, I think I had to be 8 or maybe 10 years old. My sisters had been, and the £10 for a week on the island was saved each week in 50p segments.

I remember the Laxey Wheel, the electric train, and that's about all.

On Friday 30th I will join a gang of other #myjourney twitter posters, on a jet from Gatwick for 4 days of TT based stuff.
Ian has made his own way this week as he likes to be seen by the  classic bike racers who start this unique event this week.

To get one free adventure back in 2011, is good, but to get another invite to do the biking thing, is fantastic.

I will report back during the week and let you know whats happening out there.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

May already, and the year is getting warmer.
We have had some long wet days, but got away on the bike last weekend for a days riding around the Yorkshire area.
Ending up in Howarth, which is the town made famous by the Bronte Sisters Wuthering Heights etc we found a 1940's weekend in progress.

Lots of people of all ages, dressed in war time clothes, uniforms and character fancy dress. A sunny and warm day made better by a ride through the countryside with Shaz. (Back on the bike for the first time in ages).

I have been offered a place as a VIP guest at the Isle of Man TT races by Honda Europe. This is a great honour and a part of their #myjourney promotion.

If you own a Honda car, bike, anything, you can add Twitter hash tags to your journey and it will get displayed on their site. I got the invite via Ian Coates, who was included and set up his own twitter page @iancoateshonda

More details if I ever get there!!!!

My Twitter acct is  @road2manchester (of course).

The Yanks are back in Haworth..... West Yorkshire.