Sunday, 29 December 2013

Thanks to you all

Wow, thanks guys and gals, for your 'clicks' here at R2M its great to see that the story goes on.
It was 2011 that I wandered around America with a short hop over the border into Canada on my bike trip.
It changed my life and still today I dream of doing more adventures on two wheels.

take a look at  and join the forum and say hello to road2manchester.

Take a long look at this picture, taken on Christmas day 2013. On January 1st 2014, I am starting a 'get fit' campaign to lose 70 pounds or a few stone in English,  100kgs in European, a large goat in other parts of the world. Not just to be able to buy smaller clothes, but having had Type 2 diabetes , I need to lose weight and do more exercise. So next time I post a picky...... who knows.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Stats, don't you just love statistics .... over 10,000 hits to my blog from over 50 countries from where someone has viewed this ..  rubbsh.
MERRY CHRISTMAS (and/or seasons greetings) TO ALL OUT THERE.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ian Coates. That's worth a search on Google.

After a short stay at our place last March, Ian and I have become regular contacts and he recently asked if I could help get him a spot in the up and coming Motorcycle show at the NEC. Birmingham.

The Motorcycle Live event has become the UK's premier bikers show as it is easy to get to and has free internal parking for bikes (needed in November). 

Ian spent 14 years wandering around the globe and with his good humour, self reliance and ability to fix most things mechanical , he survived by being a nice guy.
Search Ian Coated Africa twin on Google then wonder why he is not that well known in the UK.

When he asked me to help get him and his trusty bike into the show, (on someone else,s stand), I was too busy to do much, but put out an all point bullitin on my internet 'places' and he is now going to be there.

well done Ian

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sorry its been so long since I blogged. In June I started my new job and since then been sooooo busy and tired.
The bike scene has changed with me selling BEKU and getting a new R1200GSA 90 year anniversary model which I have only covered 2200 miles on so far.

I have been involved in quad bikes and utility vehicles on a 24-7 basis and though I did get a chance to go camping in West Wales with the Adventure Bike Rider forum guys. This was a rare chance to ride around the coast in the Cardigan area which is a great part of the country.

Onwards and upwards:

Paul Holroyd our friend from Takoda Campsite in Kirkby Stephen Cumbria has just returned from a ride to the Artic Circle, and I look forward to reading the book his second one (see Road to the Sahara).

Winter draws on at the summer ends and the cold winds and falling leaf carpet covers the ground. Christmas next...... crickey !!!!

Later ,,,, though sooner folks,

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Its hard to believe that over 23000 views have been made of these rambling notes from people around the world. I guess thats the power of the internet.
After a ride into Wales on Sunday on the new R1200GSa, I find myself once again harking on about the weather. The UK is enjoying 30 degree (80+) temperatures which are rare here.
Riding in France and Spain (and of course parts of the USA) it is normal, but seeing hundreds of bikers out around Llangollen, The Horseshoe Pass and over towards Shropshire in their normal UK riding gear brought it home.
We are not used to nice riding weather here.

Often in the US I saw riders in T shirts, Shorts and no helmet, of a big bike doing 70+ MPH, sound in the knowledge that they have the constitutional right to spread their body parts all over the carrageway and hope the insurance covers all the rebuilding work.

Here riders wear the same clothes that they rely on to keep all their bits in the right place should they have a spill, despite the heat. They also don the regulation helmet that ensures good hearing is maintained and flies stay on the outside of ones eyes and teeth. Once owning a summer vented jacket, I nevefr wore it in England as most nice day ride outs ended in cold afternoons, or rain. Sunday was HOT HOT HOT and with luck, next weekend will be as warm. Over the years I have discovered that cold air is harder than warm. Its a fact and comfort is better when keeping cooler than trying to get warm.....

British Summer 2013.............. its a classic

Sunday, 30 June 2013

After a phone call from my BMW dealer about BEKU the name I gave to my R1200GS Adventure, I found myself a few days later in the showroom talking new bikes,
The deal for a brand new 90 Year anniversary model Adventure was stuck as it gave me a new machine , saved my losing £4600 and cost £40 less per month than the old one....
Not bad for a bike that has 3 miles on the clock.
A week later I collected KKU and rode home (about 45 miles) from Southport Superbikes to Manchester.

After a test ride the following Saturday (Yesterday) Sharon and I set out for a pootle to see the difference. Warm enough to remove the quilted liner from my jacket, we headed off towards Skipton over the Pennines.

As the odometer sneaked towards 100 miles total on the clock, I was on the motorway (freeway) so for a SHORT moment, twisted the volume control to 10, and tipped 100 MPH  for about 1/2 mile. Not bad with two overweight middle aged peeps sat on board.

The last of the air cooled boxer engined models, the 90 yrs 1200 GSA is smoother, louder, and carries all the bells and whistles but the gold and black livery is not a pleasing on the eye as the red and black 58 plate bike it replaces.
Tow up is different and once I get time to go and play a little, the smooth gear change and slightly odd exhaust tone will be the norm.

Time to plan some more trip I feel. Working full time now gives some well earned income, but saps free time to a few free weeks per year. The plans have to be worked in around Sharon, The dogs, the up and coming wedding of my daughter, and a bike all needing my attention

3 to 156 miles and  have only been out once..... happy daze 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Stags and things.

Paintball..... not my normal choice of entertainment.
BUT as father of the bride to be, I did my duty and went to my future son in laws STAG-DO. a tradition that was once based around lots of beer, a pub crawl and dressing the 'Stag' up (or down) before chaining him to a lamp post or even better, a plane to some far off land.

Nowadays , the simple stag do is not so acceptable as an array of activity based 'stuff to do' isall a part of the last day of freedom. Many, as this one, are also done weeks or months before the wedding so as to give the groom some time to get over his ordeal.

I am not going to add intimate details of this event, other than to say Le Stag, got very very drunk, slightly scarred, but kept his clothes on for most of the day.

Paintball....... that is the reason for my blog post today.
As mentioned above, the thought of dressing up in used Camouflage  boiler suits, donning a Moto-Cross mask and running around a forest play solders, was not me idea of a good day out.

BUT ! it was a real eye opener.
Despite being shot at by 10-12 opposite team members , getting some proper bruises, and exhausted after 7 'games', the real shock to the system is the feeling helplessness when stuck behind a 12 inch tree, when on is 30 inches wide.
Even popping a head up to see where the 'balls full of pink stuff' were coming from, resulted in at least 10 or 15 bullets either hitting me or getting too close for comfort.

Apart from the sting and the mess the 'sport' creates, there was a real moral tale as far as guns, shooting and those involved in the 'real' world of shooting.

For my American friends whom enjoy shooting anything that moves, flies or hides away.

Consider having a day out at a paintball centre. get shot a few times. Try and hide from the armed masses hell bent on hitting you as many times as they can with a 3/4" plastic ball travelling at 60mph. It ain't gonna kill ya, but boy it smarts, and most of all it gives you a different aspect to being at the receiving end of macho madness.

For those that decide on the benefits systems doled out to ex-forces who have done their time in the middle east, or places around the globe where unrest means real guns being emptied in your general direction. When you are sat behind a barrier in some English woodland and  had the opportunity to see just how easy it is to be shot, I can guarantee that your mindset will be changed.

Paintball as a sport or hobby is a good release from the real world. A stress buster, not something I will be taking up as my weekend happy pill, but I did have fun, I have the scars to prove it and my respect for those who do carry out their work with real guns, in real danger has grown 1000%.

Thanks to James who organised it, Matt for being the rabbit (sorry Stag) in the headlights of 13 mates.

                                               No I haven't shrunk.... I was just crouching.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

With my new 'hat' as general manager for  I have had little use of my bike this month. As the main UK importers and distributors for Linhai and Hisun Quad bikes and utility vehicles, we have over 60 dealers across the UK. Watch out for a FARR as many are sold road legal. @farr_ATV
Shows and promotions rule at this time of the year. Facebook FARR_ATV

This weekend however, I am off to the Horizons Unlimited (see below), HUBB UK meeting (Twitter@HUBBUK)the annual meeting of all things ADVENTURE TRAVEL.
Meeting old friends from the world of long distance motorcycle travel, and maybe learning some new skills.
Camping in the recent weather is a gamble, as each day it rained this week despite a great weekend of sunshine. The great British weather (again).

If I don't see you in the week, I'll see you on the wode.. sorry Road........

My Facebook Avatar 
This is in fact a helmet that I saw in Dallas.
Fantastic bit of glassfibre work.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I sit in the office from 6am each morning. The traffic outside starts to increase as the recent changes in the clock ensures that mornings stay darker but evening will become lighter. British summertime is late as an Easterly wind brings freezing Artic winds from the Pennine Hills.
Here in Manchester (well south of the city), we have missed out on the chaos of regular snow,that much of the country has suffered.
The guy on his Green Kawasaki, and matching leathers comes to a stop at the traffic signals each day, and I shiver in support. I too have stayed true to the cause and ridden through freezing air and sudden snow storms.
The weather is unusual considering this time last year we had a mini heat wave, though today the dry and bright sun tried its hardest to fight the wind, and the Kawasaki man was not alone.
A steady stream of sports bikes, nakeds and the true sign of a good day to ride a couple of Harley.s pop popped by.
Some offering a scream as they showed the drivers just how fast they can leave the spot, others just bimbled by as they caught the lights on green.
Sat shuffling papers, pushing keys and loading files, I looked up as each one came within ear shot. Mixed with the constant drone of traffic on this 'main' road between the M6 and Manchester, the A56 shares its lanes with screaming sirens as the local Police, Ambulance and Fire services test their volume at every passing.
Summer landed in Sale, on a week day, and I am sure this Saturday and Sunday will see many more Weekend Warriors taking their steeds out of the garage for the first time this year.

Watch out for bikes from now on, the riders are rusty, the roads are still dusted  with salt and the sun is still low in the sky.
As the man said:


Before I go, thanks to Triumph, but in't this cute ????

Couple of knobblies on that and Bobs your dirt track.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ian Coates. RTW legend.

I have had the great pleasure to accomodate Ian Coates (facebook/iancoates) who I have had on my facebook friends for a number of years.
Ian arrived back in the UK on Friday and asked for a place to pitch his tent in Manchester whilst he visited the Manchester Motorcycle Show.
I asked him to stay here with Sharon and I, and not in his tent but in our spare room.
Arriving in Friday in Hull, he rode the 110 miles to Sale, and arrived looking fresh and certainly not showing his 69 years on this planet.
Leaving home 14 years ago, Ian has been just about everywhere, and despite being back on occasion, his last visit 3 year ago was to see his new great grand son and his family. Mrs Coates has seen Ian 7 times in 14 years, meeting him occasionally with spares, and a holiday.

Ian is a character, and has lots of tales about his self financed trip during which he helps out, works for free bed and food, and only asks for help when he needs it.

From 8 months on a ship between Argentina and New Zealand to getting lost in the Sudan for 2 weeks and almost meeting his maker, Ian and his trusted Honda Africa Twin have travelled 245,000 miles (400,000km) on the same engine, only 4 sets of brake pads, and no major breakdowns.

Not resting too long, Ian is off to Portugal soon to drive back a Landrover he bought a year ago, then plans to be in Mongolia by April if he can find a replacement bike.

I suggested his Twin should be saved and maybe put in a museum.

If one RTW rider needs some corporate support this guy is the one.

With his Fred Dibnah look on life, Ian is a cult figure in the XRV, Facebook and RTW sector, and deserves to be added to the long list of British Eccentrics that become household names via TV.

Ian Coates is on Facebook,

I managed to get Ian and his bike on a stand at the show, Thanks to the organisers, but no thanks to Honda who showed no interest in this record breaking Grandad,

Many people came to meet him and his bike was a great attraction with its fully loaded, dirty and 'well used' gear still strapped on.

Stay safe Ian, and travel long and safe. 

Google / Ian Coates Honda, for lots of stuff.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

That was a year...... well I guess it was a full one. It seems like the last twelve months went far to quickly. Plans made never seemed to be remembered after a few weeks but as they say;

A man with no direction, will get lost, A man going nowhere  normally gets there, and with that in mind I never got more than a few rides out and about in 2012.

2013 has a few 'ideas' in mind.

Job interview early Jan. Fingers crossed ,

Italy with Sharon taking in the Alps, Lakes and a long awaited trip to Positano.

A few Adventure Bike Rider meets (camping weekends and rides).

But the biggest PLAN is to get my booked finished and then read , re written and hopefully published which would be nice.

Can U thank Ride Magazine for the recent mention, Overland for the Feature, Motorcycle Sports and Leisure for their feature, and over 16000 page hits from across the globe.

Most of all I would like to thank these two ladies in my life. Sharon my wife for putting up with my 'grumpy old man' antics for 32 years, and Alexa my beautiful daughter who will become Mrs Moores in 2013. I love you both and wish you a great New Year.