Sunday, 30 June 2013

After a phone call from my BMW dealer about BEKU the name I gave to my R1200GS Adventure, I found myself a few days later in the showroom talking new bikes,
The deal for a brand new 90 Year anniversary model Adventure was stuck as it gave me a new machine , saved my losing £4600 and cost £40 less per month than the old one....
Not bad for a bike that has 3 miles on the clock.
A week later I collected KKU and rode home (about 45 miles) from Southport Superbikes to Manchester.

After a test ride the following Saturday (Yesterday) Sharon and I set out for a pootle to see the difference. Warm enough to remove the quilted liner from my jacket, we headed off towards Skipton over the Pennines.

As the odometer sneaked towards 100 miles total on the clock, I was on the motorway (freeway) so for a SHORT moment, twisted the volume control to 10, and tipped 100 MPH  for about 1/2 mile. Not bad with two overweight middle aged peeps sat on board.

The last of the air cooled boxer engined models, the 90 yrs 1200 GSA is smoother, louder, and carries all the bells and whistles but the gold and black livery is not a pleasing on the eye as the red and black 58 plate bike it replaces.
Tow up is different and once I get time to go and play a little, the smooth gear change and slightly odd exhaust tone will be the norm.

Time to plan some more trip I feel. Working full time now gives some well earned income, but saps free time to a few free weeks per year. The plans have to be worked in around Sharon, The dogs, the up and coming wedding of my daughter, and a bike all needing my attention

3 to 156 miles and  have only been out once..... happy daze 

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