Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Its hard to believe that over 23000 views have been made of these rambling notes from people around the world. I guess thats the power of the internet.
After a ride into Wales on Sunday on the new R1200GSa, I find myself once again harking on about the weather. The UK is enjoying 30 degree (80+) temperatures which are rare here.
Riding in France and Spain (and of course parts of the USA) it is normal, but seeing hundreds of bikers out around Llangollen, The Horseshoe Pass and over towards Shropshire in their normal UK riding gear brought it home.
We are not used to nice riding weather here.

Often in the US I saw riders in T shirts, Shorts and no helmet, of a big bike doing 70+ MPH, sound in the knowledge that they have the constitutional right to spread their body parts all over the carrageway and hope the insurance covers all the rebuilding work.

Here riders wear the same clothes that they rely on to keep all their bits in the right place should they have a spill, despite the heat. They also don the regulation helmet that ensures good hearing is maintained and flies stay on the outside of ones eyes and teeth. Once owning a summer vented jacket, I nevefr wore it in England as most nice day ride outs ended in cold afternoons, or rain. Sunday was HOT HOT HOT and with luck, next weekend will be as warm. Over the years I have discovered that cold air is harder than warm. Its a fact and comfort is better when keeping cooler than trying to get warm.....

British Summer 2013.............. its a classic

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