Saturday, 14 May 2011

Goooooood Morning USA

Friday 13th 9am Manchester UK

Hello from Boston Massachusetts.
Well what a shock the last 48 hours have been. TV and Radio interviews, Newspaper stories. Over 3000 extra 'Red Dot' hits on my Revolver Globe. (see below right). Twitter followers up t0 1100. The Bennetts Biker Dream machine is really getting started.

After 21 hours on the go yesterday, I arrived in Boston around 10 pm local time (3am in my head).
I am collecting the bike today from Boston Honda, and starting the search for Manchesters just 30 miles down the road in Manchester-by-the Sea. (MA). New Hampshire, Maine then Vermont.

Over the next few days I will be adding photos, video and comments that can be seen here,or facebook/roadtomanchester or twitter/road2manchester or on facebook/bennetts

Thanks to all at then office for their help and support, and a quick hello to my friends and family back home.

LATER DUDES.... as no one has said around here. (yet !)


DennyG said...

Welcome to the States. So glad you've made it across the Atlantic Sea.

Camila Miranda said...

Hi Pete

We, my son and I,heard your interview at WZID in Manchester, NH. Your trip promise to be very fun. Enjoy your stay here in USA! I have a nephew living in your Manchester.
From Camila and Daniel

Camila and Daniel miranda said...

It's Daniel Miranda. I'm 6 years old and I want to know why you are traveling to all manchesters here in US. My mom is writing this for me.
Daniel and Camila(again)