Monday, 23 May 2011

Blessed Bike and a great day.

I promised myself a day off every 7 days, and today Sunday, was the first. But hey, what do I do on my day off ?????? I go for a ride.

Yesterday I was told about a diner on route 40 south of Buffalo, that is frequented by bikers. So up at 6am yet again, and packed and off by 7.45, I headed for the border and had a chat with the very nice customs lady.

About two hours later I stopped in a diner (not the right one) but had breakfast and was told about a BIKE BLESSING in Hamburg, about 13 miles away
Arriving at the McKinley Mall, there was already about 100 bikes there. What a mix, O.K. mainly HD's , but within a few hours about 1000 (or it seemed that way).

With a mention over the PA, kindly arranged by a photographer, I was met with the usual greetings and awe at my trip.
After speeches and the National Anthem, the priest blessed the bikes as they/we, rode out a few miles to a BBQ n Beer in a farm. I stayed a few hours and decided to get underway as it was over 300 miles to the next Manchester (No 8) Pennsylvania. I also had an appointment with a Roast Beef dinner in Maryland.

Heading down the great roads in this area I eventually hit Hornell NY about 6.30pm and called it a day. 240 miles tomorrow to Manc#8 and straight on to Maryland for cold beef sandwiches (Hope they have English Mustard Too !!! )

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