Sunday, 15 May 2011

I'm singing in the rain

Wet Wet Wet, thats my weather report for today.
Started the day with a 2nd shower as a big 4x4 hit a "road-lake" just beside me, and manage to send 40 gallons of water straight at me. That was 1 mile from the hotel, so add wet roads, and fully 10 gauge rain by 3pm, it was a great start.

Despite the overnight rain, I left Boston at 7am and was in Man#1 by 8am. Manchester-By-The-Sea. Breakfast of easy over eggs, bacon and coffee for $7.94 cheered me up, and a long chat with a local chap, made my breakfast an interesting one.

M-B-T-S as the locals call it, had the "by the Sea" title added to make sure the town was not confused with the New Hampshire , Manchester. I am not sure when this happened, but I bet it was when Sateleite Navigation Units became available. (Tee Hee)

This part of Massachusetts is fantastic and shows signs of a certain 'wealth' within the North East. Some of the best houses I have ever seen..... ever. And I have seen some nice ones.

Here are` some pics taken today, but my battery went early on. (the only one I didn't charge).

Between Manc #1 and #2 in New Hampshire, I set the Goldwing sat nav to 'avoid highways', which I took for meaning Freeways ...... oops !

The advantage, some great backroads, but the rain was getting heavier by the hour, and by 2pm total deluge, so on the outskirts of Manc' New Hamps, I pulled into the Best Western, (I know , getting soft !). Tomorrow a skip around the town, more photos and video, and then off to Manc#3 Maine.

Thanks to all invites from forum (Brit Passin Thru).

And if you find youself in Boston...... go see..... by the sea.

More stuff on my facebook/roadtomanchester page.

(Missing Shaz, Lexi,Harley & Ruby XXX)

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