Friday, 20 May 2011

Today I will be mainly getting wet

Fully suited with the wet gear, I had a late start from the hotel and within 6 mins was in a full rain storm as I hit Route 90 again. Its a shame that I am missing some on the 'real' NY countryside but miles need munching to get me to Niagara Falls and into Canada today. An hour later, too hot I removed the suit in the dry only to be got again, no warning, as they say up north (uk) a reet good soakin !.

Niagara Falls is a surprize, its not in the Jungle..... its in the middle of two massive cities. The USA side and the Canada side. A few shots and video and I was back on the bike to Manchester Canada (#7), Just over the bridge and through the check point (all of 3 mins), I was back in yet another downpour and decided to call it a very short day. Motel for the night, just outside the centre and within 10 mins, the sun is blazing and my suit is drying on the fence.

Tomorrow 130 miles each way to Man#7 near Oshawa, then back to the good 'ol USA. Next stop Pennsylvania 300+ miles south.

Bennetts Biker Dreams are running this theme again this year, worth a punt !

Thanks BBD 's good call.

1170 miles down, ....... no don't even think about it.

Damp pants, downtown Niagara, Ontario, Canada.

PS Thanks to to +5000 visitors to my ramblings here and on Facebook/Twitter, makes it all worth doing.

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