Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Tale about a Dragons Tail

Bought the T Shirt, rode the Dragon

381 Bends in 11 miles 4500ft up a mountain. Am I skying? No just ridin' the Dragons Tail.

The USA has a secret bikers paradise, we in the UK know little about. The area in and around the Appalachian Mountains have enough fantastic roads to keep anyone busy, but there are a few specials. The Dragons Tail is one of them. The Dragon is a series of 381 bends that have become the bucket list of many a biker. Today I met riders of all types of motor sickles, Two stroke classics, BMW, Ducati, Yamaha, Honda, Moto Guzzi and the standard HD's. Riders from Canada, a guy from Jersey (as in UK), all have a great passion for the constant bends, lack of straights and the fantastic scenery. I completed an on bike video, which will eventually be on the media, but for now believe me when I write. The area is brilliant, the roads are mind boggling, the people friendly, and the experience is a life changing one. Perhaps there are better roads out there I have not ridden yet, but this one was like being on skis. Having taken the big and heavy Goldwing down there, I was lucky enough to back back up and follow another wing'er doen. This guy was 400 lbs, and had a pillion. But he knew the road and knew his bike. Great day, great fun and I fell in love a little with the area. Bucket Lister..... oh yes.

I'll be back.

Oh Yes ! I finished the day on Manc #11 in Kentucky.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Pete. I'm the old guy driving an XK you chatted with in a McDonalds in Black Mountain, NC (I-40) May 26. Glad you enjoyed the Dragon. Happy trails.