Tuesday, 10 May 2011

OK here it is then......

Boston to Manchester (in front of each) and (= miles to). (Read left to right, not up and down)
Massachusetts (30). > New Hampshire (72) > Maine (161) > Vermont (252)
Connecticut (127) New York (304) Niagra Falls (89) Ottawa (150)
Penn (Pitts) (367) Penn 2 (366) Maryland (36) Nth Carolina (448)
Deals Gap (362) Georgia (256) Alabama (211) Tennessee (162)
Kentucky (250) Ohio (167) Indiana (105) Michigan (280)
Wisconsin (223) Iowa (195) Illinois (266) Missouri (90)
Arkansas (483) Louisiana (359) Texas (348) Oklahoma (370)
Kansas (183) Minnesota (505) Sth dakota (272) Montana (841)
Washington (667) California (756) San Francisco (101)

Somewhere in there the odd day off.
So these are the towns, the route between each is 'in theory'. I am hoping to keep off the highways if at all possible, but with some high mileage between some.... who knows.


Gillian said...

Looking forward to seeing you. Safe riding. Watch the cagers, they tend to not see bikes no matter how big they are. The warm weathers here I think. It's 90 degrees here today so pack for every weather you can think of :)

Anonymous said...

im on cape cod, Ma. it's only 48 degs here and wet all week. so dont expect too much when you get to Boston.

Average Joe said...

Hi Pete

Saw this story and am extremely jealous but wish you the best. I have pushed out your story and web address on our blog and facebook. Our article can be seen at 1 Biker 32 Manchesters and 10,000 miles on our biker site.

best of luck mate and keep the rubber side down, we will keep an eye on progress....

Average Joe

Richel said...

My great-great-great grandparents were from Manchester. I grew up not far from Manchester, SD. There's not much there since the tornado; I hope you won't be disappointed! If you come through Sioux Falls and need a place to sleep, you're welcome at mine!

Max said...

As Richel said, there isn't much left of Manchester, SD, hopefully you'll be touch by what's left and the full power of tornadoes. Maybe we'll see you on the road here in South Dakota or in Manchester!