Thursday, 19 May 2011

More Manchesters

It's been a couple of days since I have had internet access, so here goes.
Running out of man#2 New Hampshire, I went via Portmouth and Route 1 along the coast, North. Antique shops, fish restaurants, forests and great roads. Still raining though, I was aiming to get to Man#3 (Maine) 161 miles away in good time. As`I passed the above antique shop I turned around to take a closer look. Part shop part museum, Bill Johnson (no relation), colleccts anything old and has even bought complete buildings and relocated them on his plot. Signing his guest book, Bill played an original 78rpm record of King Edwards (Mrs Simpson) speech on a wind up gramophone. complete with large brass horn speaker. A great 30 minute break.

Manc#3 had little to offer so with a bag of nuts and a coffee, I retired to bed at 10pm after a quick photo.

Golf course,lake, petrol station....... rain.

Next day and a 7am start to get over to Vermont. The plan was to get to Mount Washington ride the road to the top (As recommended by Ben Slavin of NH)

The weather once again dropped a few millions of gallons on me, and getting nearer to the turn off, I stopped for fuel and breakfast to be told the road was closed. Had a nice chat with an avid MAN UTD fan. (can't go anywhere without footy being mentioned).

This was a long day with almost 300 miles covered . damp but not tired (Liar), I arrived at the MANCHESTER BAR & GRILL on the outskirts on Man #4 Vermont, at around 5.30pm. With a motel just across the road, Ben, Hank and a few customers enjoyed my tales, as I enjoyed Jerk Chicken and a few beers.

Bed` by 10pm. (Thanks to the above for the excellent time and MB&G hoody).

Tomorrow, Connecticut 127 miles if I go the right way !!!!

Wednesday: 5.45 am.

had a message from the Manchester Journal in VT, so went off into town for some breakfast. Up For Breakfast a great cafe fed me with a fry up (naughty but nice), coffee and pancakes. My savory tooth, can not handle sweet at that time in the morning, so i had a nibble then called it a day.

9am and a visit to the MJ office for interview and photos (see facebook).then off to Connecticut , in the rain.

The roads in this area are hit by frost in the winter, and a good pounding by the logging trucks and hold a few humps, bumps and potholes for the unwary biker. Wet, windy and slower than I would of liked, I arrived in CT (Man#5) at around 2pm, and met the Town Clerk and staff, the local Fire Chief popped over and a few photos and gifts changed hands. Great people and just another friendly welcome (Videos to follow). What a nice Manchester.

After a few pictures outside, I decided to carry on towards Man#6 New York 305 miles away. The rain had stopped and it was warmer and more humid, so I could take a layer off, and open the air vents on the jacket.

Managed to stay alive around Springfield in the rush hour / highway / nutter combination stakes.

Hitting the Turnpike to get some miles under the wheels, I headed north on R90 for about 100 miles and hit fog, rain and cold around 4.30pm. (Great, layer back on). Still managed a good turn of speed (only keeping up with the locals officer !), and arrived in Albany NY at around 7pm.That was a long day with about 300 miles done, which put some of my 400+ targets into perspective.

Its only 200 to Manchester, New York (before breakfast.)

Now 8.45 pm I need food, and sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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DennyG said...

Got "Page not found" at:
Through trial and error discovered that it is "Roadto Manchester" - with a space between the 'o' and 'M'.

Roger said...

Welcome to the US! I have a similar quest to visit all the Manchesters except that I don't plan to do it in less than a month. I wonder if you will visit Manchester Township, New Jersey or New Manchester, West Virginia? I'm still looking for the 2nd Manc, Penn and the one in Arkansas. Good luck in your travels and sorry about all that rain.