Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lost in Space

Manchester Ontario Canada. Manc#7

138 miles each way, and back to Niagara Falls for Saturday nite in town,. Its Victoria Day, so fireworks over the falls. Worth staying another night in the Candlelight Inn. (Good WiFi).

7am start this morning and another Highway Blast.
Manchester #7 is more than likely the smallest 'town' I will visit, comprising of a gas station, diner and a few buildings. Its not on the big USA map I am carrying, its not on the Sat Nav, it is on the intersection of R7 and R7a. An hour of asking and wandering once in the 'roughly over there' area.......

Nice diner though, and a coffee and Chicken n Bacon wrap (late breakfast early lunch). Big biking country this , with a quick meet at a service halt with 10 riders off to Smallville (???) NY, where there is a popular bikers cafe. (maybe tomorrow).

Within 10 minutes of arriving a dozen bikes of all types had stopped, passed or were just leaving. Then the obligatory..... my wifes mother was from Doncaster (did you know her !!!! LOL) from the OAP in his 75 Corvette Stingray.

Classic cars, trucks and all manor of bikes out today. Canadians take their 'motors' seriously.

Sunday I'm heading south for Pennsylvania via that Springfield small ville or what ever it was called !

have a nice weekend.

The best news of the day.... 26-28 degrees, hot and dry.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you, make sure you save time to enjoy yourself! All the best to you and welcome to the US & Canada.

Anonymous said...

Glad your weather has improved - you deserved a break!