Friday, 27 May 2011

Blue Ridge Parkway

Bends that really do go almost 360 degrees.

Cool Tunnels the odd wake up call, and a laptop that won't turn pics,

From Boone NC, (as in Daniel), this morning I took the Blue Ridge Parkway. Doesn't sound much does it? Do not be fooled, this is a +400 mile 'old road' that takes in some of the most stunning riding and views I have seen on this trip. Great surface, fantastic bendy bits and vistas around every corner.

As you climb ever higher the peaks are still above you as the road reached 3500ft or so. Once again the bikes sat nav gave me some odd calls, this was made more frustrating as I wasn't actually using it to navigate , it was set for my destination, and kept trying to send me down the 'fastest' route.

As I approached Waynesville in Haywood County, the glorious weather I had enjoyed all day, became darker, cooler and just ahead..... clouds of the thunder storm variety.

I hit the first hotel and booked in. Within 20 minutes, it came with a vengence. Fully blown thunder and lightening, and heavy wind and rain.

Hopefully tomorrow will be back to 'great', and down to the Dragons Tail at last.

This is one area I would come back to (on a bike of course). Loving my Bennetts Biker Dream.

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Jennifer N. said...

Do you know when you'll be in Manchester, Michigan? We'd love to say hello! My dad enjoys biking through the Blue Ridge Parkway. Safe travels to you!