Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cumberland Kentucky

Manchester Kentucky just for fun, a pre-trip feature on the BBC website.

Temps heading for the 90's today again, having a rest today, I am in Rockwood Kentucky and missed a custom car show yesterday. Arriving at Cumberland Falls, the GPS on the bike had a 'bad mood' moment again and sent me north back the way I came from. With nothing but road for 15 miles, I decided to call it a day as it was 5pm and I had not eaten since my breakfast of nuts, water and cerial bars. Arriving at the first hotel I was told it was full. Then stepped in Jonny 1. Boss of a working gang building a coal power station down the road, John insisted they could sort out a bed. His team had been there a month and had 'settled in'. After some sorting out I stayed in Jonny 1's room and he joined one of his team in a 3 bed room. What a gent' mad as a frog, but friendly and helpfull beyond anything I have found to date. We had a great evening by the pool, Jonny 2 a tobbaco chewing Liberace look alike, joined in with Jeff and a few other guests having a great BBQ of steak and salad. Many towns in Kentucky are 'DRY' and alcohol not on sale, so the guys travel 40 miles and stock up with Miller Lite in 32 can packs..... 10 at a time. (This part of Kentucky is 'a li'l damp', as they say around here.

5300 to go, 19 days. (Wow !).

I am a bit homesick today, missing my family & dogs.8o(

Sunday, and as its memorial day, and I have had 12 days on the bike, I guess I am having a day off. A local boat owner invited me on a powerboat trip around the massive lake nearby, (on Monday) but I will be 400 miles south in Georgia, Alabama or Tennessee by then. (Damn).

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