Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Beauty & the Beast

No comments which one is which, But here it is. My office for the next month.

Many thanks to Boston Honda (Victory) dealers in Foxboro, Boston. Who went out of there way to help and even asked me to join them for lunch and a meal tonight.

Thanks guys.


Man or Myth said...

Good Day, Sir! I am in awe of your idea and quest to complete it. I live right near Manchester Michigan, I am a fellow motorcycle enthusiast, and have similar dreams of shipping my bike to the UK and beginning a trip around there for a bit. Would be a pleasure to raise a pint with you if you have some time when you are here. I have responses to this comment set to be forwarded to my email so if you would like to meet up, please just reply to this and we'll figure out a better means of further contact. Regardless, my hat is off to you and I wish you the the best possible weather and safe travel!


Adam Douglas

Barrie said...

Morning Pete. My wife and I are both from Manchester (The Real One) and live approx half way between Manchester Wisconsin and Manchester Iowa. If you are looking for a place to kip for the night let us know. I am sure we could rustle up a pint of Boddies and a good meal.