Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Home from Home

The last couple of days have been a busy time. Lots of miles to make up, and two more towns called Manchester under my tracks.

Manchester Pennsylvania was another quiet place, with no one in at the Municipal or the Fire buildings. A few pictures and a cooling hour in a diner, the increase in heat today (Monday) was a shock to the system after all the rain of the previous week.

Manchester Maryland was only 40 miles away, so I saddled up once again and headed a little further south to a nice reception from a fireman, who gave me a great badge, and the staff at the small town office. The people I have met throughout the trip have been so nice, and welcoming, as a 6ft 3" bloke in a space suit, who then speaks in tongues, arrives unannounced.

The real prize came later as I was invited a few days ago for a Roast Beef dinner and English beer.

Chris and Mellisa live in Middletown Maryland and being from the UK, Chris found a story about my trip on the BBC news website. I was promised a dinner and beer as long as I brought tales of my adventure to the table. (Little did they know how I can talk !!). I found the house after a short rain shower had resulted in re-dressing in my riding gear. And within minutes, was welcomed with open arms, an open can of Boddington Beer, and a room for the night. A real bonus was getting a great dinner, and my laundry washed and dried. many thanks to C & M the kids and the 3 dogs, who took me in and treated me like an old friend. Talking of which, Melissa mentioned the village she was from in Cheshire, England, and we have a common link with a guy I know there. What are the chances of that.

Many, many, many, thanks. Mel had to hide Chris's bike keys this morning 8-)

Tonight I am 265 miles south and 140 miles short of Manchester No 10 in North Carolina. 91 degree F, today ..... that really burns at 80mph. (No not me officer.....).

Tried route 301 to get off the hot freeway..... that was too slow and burned more.

Tonite I am in another motel about 265 miles south.( Roanoke Falls ). I think I will go to Manchester , tomorrow.

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