Friday, 20 May 2011

Did I mention the rain

Short blog tonight, its 9pm, and it's been a long day.
Albany to Manchester New York 200 miles.
Rural NY started with a warm morning and a late get away. Gloveless, no liner in my jacket, visor open and starting to feel the force. Guy in the petrol station ($4 a gallon !!!), was born in Manchester UK..... UTD or City, the universal question for any Manc from Manchester UK.
Tried the cruise control on the Wing and it was nice to have hands free for a change.
40 miutes later on the freeway..... total wipeout, the first rain storm came over just where I couldn't stop. 40 miles to the next service halt, I dried off and zipped up the vents in my pants and jacket. Ten minutes back on the road, it was 80 degrees in my gear.
Manchester NY the double town and a nice reception at the town hall, free t-shirt and few provisions from the supermarket. Once back on the freeway It was 100 miles to Niagra Falls, 40 miles out, the big one hit. ZERO VISABILITY often means it was heavy rain, spray etc: NEVER have I experienced REAL zero viz. Couldn't see the screen on the bike and thats only 2 ft away. Scariest and wettest 12 miles I have ever ridden.
Staying 40 mins outside NF in Batavia NY. Tomorrow NF then Canada and Manc#7

Tar Tar For now....... P


Anonymous said...

Hi, You skipped Manchester, Nova Scotia which is too bad as it is nice this time of year Maybe you can stop on way back. there is not much there but there is a Mancheter Nova Scotia

Anonymous said...

Didn't know about that one, Might flty over it on way back to UK. Thanks for message. Pete