Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sorry its been so long since I blogged. In June I started my new job and since then been sooooo busy and tired.
The bike scene has changed with me selling BEKU and getting a new R1200GSA 90 year anniversary model which I have only covered 2200 miles on so far.

I have been involved in quad bikes and utility vehicles on a 24-7 basis and though I did get a chance to go camping in West Wales with the Adventure Bike Rider forum guys. This was a rare chance to ride around the coast in the Cardigan area which is a great part of the country.

Onwards and upwards:

Paul Holroyd our friend from Takoda Campsite in Kirkby Stephen Cumbria has just returned from a ride to the Artic Circle, and I look forward to reading the book his second one (see Road to the Sahara).

Winter draws on at the summer ends and the cold winds and falling leaf carpet covers the ground. Christmas next...... crickey !!!!

Later ,,,, though sooner folks,

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