Wednesday, 29 May 2013

With my new 'hat' as general manager for  I have had little use of my bike this month. As the main UK importers and distributors for Linhai and Hisun Quad bikes and utility vehicles, we have over 60 dealers across the UK. Watch out for a FARR as many are sold road legal. @farr_ATV
Shows and promotions rule at this time of the year. Facebook FARR_ATV

This weekend however, I am off to the Horizons Unlimited (see below), HUBB UK meeting (Twitter@HUBBUK)the annual meeting of all things ADVENTURE TRAVEL.
Meeting old friends from the world of long distance motorcycle travel, and maybe learning some new skills.
Camping in the recent weather is a gamble, as each day it rained this week despite a great weekend of sunshine. The great British weather (again).

If I don't see you in the week, I'll see you on the wode.. sorry Road........

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This is in fact a helmet that I saw in Dallas.
Fantastic bit of glassfibre work.

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