Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fame at last. Motorcycle Sport & Leisure a UK motorcycle mag has a nice 4 page spread in their travel section.................... about ME. I posted out short versions of my journey and as well as this great mention, I hear that Bike, Ride and Overland mags will also mention 'one' in their autumn-winter editions. Funny how it was over a year ago that I completed this life changing mission, and the one down-up side is the bug that has bitten. I read a lot about the 'what do you do after' syndrome and have come to the realisation that it really exists. One is supposed to settle down and get back to reality when a great journey is completed, but the fact remains I didn't get to all 33 Manchesters and with another UK couple already on their way to complete a 50 Manchester world trip, I am trying had to get my book finished to get a QED once and for all. My Twitter @Road2Manchester page is suffering with still under 1500 followers, not sure why but just thought I would mention it as 18100 pageimpressions and 8000+ readers on this blog I should have a few more Iguess....... 80( October weather is even wetter with floods and rain for weeks, buttoday Sunday 6th was sunny though colder than recently. The clocks go back shortly which means dark mornings and evenings in Britain. Winter draws on, as they say. TTFN

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