Saturday, 6 October 2012

Horse shoes and turbo bikes.

Running afew days behind blogging my Bennetts Biker Dream has been a juggling act. Some days more things worth a mention happen and fade out the previous day. Today the 8th June, I started early and left the Super8 Motel at 7.15am to get to Manchester within half an hour. This has allowed me an 312 miles spin and an early finish in Kimball South Dakota. So here is a double report to catch up.

SS Badger, the oldest coal fired ferry on lake Michigan was ready and waiting when I rode the 1/2 mile main street Ludington to get to the port. Just 7am and a few cars had already beat me to the queue. the officer in charge of security and his 'sniffer' dog, waited. Carrying any arms, sir? I was tempted to say only these two, but he looked like a man not too happy to be up so early , so refrained.

$118 seemed a bit steep, but the option to ride 200 miles around the lake and through Chicago, was the other one . The 4 hour rest and experience was enough and meeting Liisa, a designer from Harley, plus the daft bingo manon board made the journey worth while.

Corey Clark a Tech teacher and biker who found me via and facebook suggested the SS Badger and a visit to his place for beer and a bed for the night. Hard to refuse and a quick call once in Wisconsin ensured a great night of chicken wings, horse shoe throwing and bike talk.

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