Saturday, 31 March 2012

Twos company

The best westher for March in 30 years. Well last week anyway !

March is normally windy, cold, snow, rain but not 23 degrees and blue skies. 25th March >>>> No excuses then and Sharon and I went for a pootle down to Matlock Bath via the Cat n Fiddle. (Spoilt by the addition of 'average speed' cameras.).Not to be disapointed, there were hundreds of bikes lining the streets of MB, a regular biker haunt since the 60's.
A pint of shandy and excellent fish n chip lunch, we watched the myriad of bikes and people wandering up and down. An hour passed and we set off back towards Buxton and over the A6 home via Stockport.

Friday 30th and my daughter Alexa and future Son in Law Matt came over for dinner. They are going to Wales for a week of R&R and as my birthday falls on the 5th April brought an early present.

A one off book, printed to a high quality and put togerther by them both. Matt editing the pictures and Lexi doing the set up.

What a fantastic surprise and brilliant present,

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