Monday, 23 April 2012

My first ever ABR rally and first time camping for many years. This weekend saw the BACK to the BOIL Rally from the ABR Forum ( a gteat place to meet and chat about anything. Like minded old farts gripe, bellyache, and laugh about 'stuff' , bikes and travel.
The camp at KIRKBY STEPHEN in Cumbria (Junc 38 M6) is a great starting point for a ride into the LAKE DISTRICT (One of our National Parks, for those looking from abroad) . The lakes are a must visit area of the UK for Brits and foreign travellers and the 'gang' included a guy from Taiwan and a couple from Germany, visiting the Uk and joining in.
A fantastic ride out with 25+ bikes made the weekend, despite me missing the group for anhour as I videoed the start. I caught up in Ambleside, and enjoyed passes, sea views, lakes and mountains in the company of new friends.

Great thanks to James 691 for all his hard work, and planned rides.
Some guys went off road, others went on a 'Pipe n Slippers' pootle.
I managed to drop my bike as I got off. Catching my pants on a bracket, it was enough to move the bike forward off the side stand..... bugger.

Video above was slapped together on Monday as I recover the camping in a very small tent, and with lots of noise from fellow campers till 3 am. Cheers Jay. 80(

It has however made me realise that this biking lark is just the best way to relax, excercise, see the world, meet new friends, and have a great time.

Notes to self:

Slightly larger tent
Gas cooker.
All season sleeping bag
Inflateable pillow
some off road experience.
book more ABR rallies. my video of the day
(click link to open seperate page view in youtube)

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