Thursday, 19 July 2012

Time for a major change in life.

What depressing times. Not much work to be had, and struggling to keep the bike (my only transport at the moment). Jobs are rare, and good money even harder to get. About a month ago iwas in contact with Stonecoat in Texas, who promised me a job over in the USA, all bell and whistles, and a month to see if we got on, and then possible long term career in the States. Then nothing.......... eventually and e-mail, stating that it was on hold. GREAT ! ....... Having to do some driver-multidrop work to try and make ends meet, even that has dried up today. 10-12hrs days take their toll, but even that will not settle the bike payment issues, though BMW Finance have been great. On a better note, I got the pictures back that Matt and Alexa had used for the single copy book I got for my birthday this year. So here are a few to see.
Funny how a reasonably simple month long road trip can alter ones whole 'being'. Seeing the other side of the Atlantic and being active on various forums within the Adventure Travel sector I find myself looking towards travel as a real must do. Sharon is getting the vibe too, as things here get into a daft state of wanting more and ending up with less. Talk of us selling up and moving on are in the throws of making sense...... keep watching.

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