Monday, 16 November 2009

The Bikes

problem is that all the biker TV that now exists expect to get a bike for nothing + support, cash, promotion etc etc.

BMW, TRIUMPH, HARLEY I like these bikes, but they get asked everyday for a free hand from bigger fish that l'il old me.

This is of course you top dog world tourer, BMW R1200GS Adventure. made famous by Ewan N Charlie (Long Way Round & Down).

£12,000 is a bit rich

Your Triumph Rocket 3 tourer is of course a big beast 2.9 litr engine and enough power to rip your arms off. Great for the USA highways, and frankly a bit of a wish lister for me. just to show that we still have a UK bike legacy for the world.

Pic courtesy of Triumph USA

Then there is Harley and the list of models is endless. They are in trouble so they say. lets hope they say Hey pete, take ur pic.

29 Manchetsers in USA.
It would be rude not to visit every one. Even the Dakota Ghost town, blown away by a tornado. 7000 miles, thats a lot of Manchesters.

More Manchester info to follow.

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