Tuesday, 17 November 2009

An open invitation to join me on your bike goews out to celebrabiker Amanda Bearse Aaron Eckhart Caprice Hulk Hogan ANASTACIA (please please) Adrian Brody Carre Otis Ice Cube Angela Jolie. Oh yes. Al gore Catherine Ball Jay Leno Ann Richards Al Kaline Charle Sheen Jezzer Irons Antonio Banderas Alanis Morisette CHER Jim Carrey Axl Rose Aland band Cindy Margolis Jessica Alba Ben Campbell Alfonso Ribeiro Clint Eastwood John Travolta Bill Goldberg Alton Brown Dan Akroyd Jude LawBill Mueller. Billy Bob Thornton The Hoff Kate Hudson Bill wallace Billy Gibbons Demi Moore Keanu Reeves Billy Joel Bob Geldoff (Sir) Dennis Hopper (a must) King of Jordon Prince William Bob Segar Doobie Bros Kyle Petty BONO Brad Pit Fabio (bit of competition) Laurence Fishbourne Branscombe Richmond (Cool) Bree Turner Gary Condit Leo Dicaprio Brian Bosworth Brock Lesnor Harrison Ford Llam Nealson (I will find you)Bruce The Boss Springsteen. Bruce Willis Heatgher Kozar Malcolm S forbes Bryan Adams Cameron Dias Hugh Laurie Marc Knopller Mary Hart Matt Le Blanc Mel Gibson Michael Schumaker Mickey Rourke Mike Oldfield Naomi Watts Nastassja Kinski Nick Cage Nikki Sixx Orlando Bloom Ozzy Ozbourne Pam Anderson PETER FONDA PINK Russel Crowe Rutger Hauer SAM ELLIOT Sheryl Crowe Slash Sting Ewan and Charlie Tom Cruise Vin Diesel
join me for a mile and add your name to the cause.
anybody know these guys e-mail or twitter accounnts PM me.

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