Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Le Tunnel

So spent a few days in Le Touquet Paris Plage, in Normandy, and was shocked at the price of everything. The Euro € has done to Europe, what decimalisation did to the UK in the 70's. No one really wanted it, then realised that the price of just about every thing went up 50%
'Lets build a tunnel under the channel to make European travel accessable to the masses'
The TUNNEL, when announced all thse years ago, was said to be the answer to England's high priced ferry transport to the rest of Europe. WRONG, like the Euro, it has just exceeded all my missgivings by charging £108 one way (out), and as we stayed an unplanned extra day, €280 Euros one way (Back in), at 2pm on a Tuesday. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY price, No wonder the train was empty. A ferry from £112 is bad enough and the attendant was so **oody rude.
" So do you want this ticket or not???" Nice lady NOT.

EG: Great Lakes Canada 789 miles $115 car a 2 passengers and a cabin. Now thats good.
RIP OFF BRITAIN, why those lost souls trying to get on the back of trucks for a free ride to the UK are bothering, I just don't know. Do they know what it's really like over here? I doubt it.


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