Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

2011 arrived and I am a little sad.
It has been 3 years since the concept of taking this bike trip to Manchester was born.
I guess reading just about every motorcycle road trip book out there, added to the videos, the TV coverage and my head full of ideas, has created a monster.

On the bright side I have started Roadto Manchester on Facebook, and tjhe @Road2Manchester twiietr page now has almost 2000 followers.
Both media lines have brought Manchester based people to see the quest.
(Thoughts of Monty Python, Holy Grail... "What is your quest?").

So it;s 2011, No job, no income, business closed down, Christmas cost far too much, bike all wrapped up for the winter...... and still no positive GO GO GO! for the United States of Amaniac.

BUT, life goes on and despite this depressing blog today, I still have hope.
I have asked the Facebook foloowers in all the Manchesters across the USA to pass my on (as it were). The request for information about their town and maybe a bit of video put on facebook, is out there.

Fingers crossed. and as they say in the song. "the only way is up".

2nd Jan 2011 Manchester UK (Man1)

Many thanks from Chris in Manchester Montana USA

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