Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Manchester Bike Show, was a great success with 6 bikes in total gracing the first ever CtMAC stand.

Ian Coates had his usual fan base calling over and with Iain P, Paul H and Paul S showing at a big event for the first time.
The bikes : Honda Africa Twin x 2 . Ian and Paul's bike showing the before and after, as Paul's is in such good condition it looks like it has never been ridden. Ian's has done 400,000 km and  looks like it has,

The unique BMW R100GS and side car brought along by Iain P, has also been around the world as Debbie and Iain (better known as Side-car Vagabonds) circumnavigated the globe a few years ago.
Paul H is writing his second book after his 2013 trip to the Artic Circle whilst Paul S continues to do his thing off-road.
The other two bikes were given to fill the stand.

CCM the Bolton based bike manufacturer loaned us a brand new 450 Adventure their new in-road into the road and long distance genre market.

The last one was a Harley Race bike..... yes Harley and Race in the same sentence !!!!.
This was brought by Ian Coates as a favour to his mate that lent him his van.

 R100GS BMW with side car Iain P

 The gang. Me, Paul H, Paul S, Iain P, Ian C

Ian P with his unique combination.

Ian Coates with girls again

Paul S and his immaculate Africa Twin

The blackboards were used to show the public why these guys were there, They worked.

Paull H fully loaded.

The overall result was a great. Many visitors said it was a nice change to see a stand with interesting bikes and the riders that did the big trips. The Chunky Tread concept will be used again and give other the chance to show off and talk travel.

Takoda Camping is a small family run campsite that lies east of the UK's Lake District. Rune by Paul and Maria Holroyd (See Paul H above),.
Kirkby Stephen the town hasn't changed much in a hundred years, and being with walking distance of gthe camp is handy for food, pubs, shops and petrol.
Having visited and stayed at Takoda (which is a North American Indian word for 'all welcome'), I noticed the sign by the road was easy to miss. A few riders who attend the 'Back to the boil' adventure bike rally there, said they had to turn around as they missed it too.

So I made this last week

Poystyrene block 4ft x 4ft x 2 ft  with Stonecoat finish.
Orders taken.

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