Monday, 23 June 2014

Horizons Unlimited HUBB UK 2014

With thanks to CCM Motorcycles in Bolton (just up the road), launched their new 450 cc adventure bike this year. The CCM is aimed at the 'new' diversion into Adventure riding on smaller machines. The theory is that the big adventure bikes have a limited popularity lifespan, as those who wish to go off into the wilds need something smaller. lighter and cheaper to run. Not a goo choice if you are as big as me, but a great machine. CCM have pre-orders for 100 units, and production is under way.

Why do I chat CCM when this post is about the HUBB.

Hosted by Sam Manicom, seasoned world rider and writer of at least 4 books on riding RTW, along with Iain Harper and a very large group of helpers. The HUBB is the UK's version of the Horizons Unlimited meeting for world adventure travellers. The mix of cyclists, 4x4'ers, bikers and even hikers meets and camp and have a great time. The event at Donnington in Leicestershire was helped along by great sunny and dry weather.
CCM held a Facebook competition to give away tickets for the event, and with my current Good Luck gene I entered and won therefore.... Mrs R2M and I went along and had a ball.
Arriving late Friday we pitched the tent, and within minutes met old friends and a few Facebook and twitter mates I had only met 'virtually'.
The event includes films, talks, classes and demonstrations of such things as '
Road Kill cook-out' where you can see how to use pigeon, crayfish, badgers, squirrals and all sorts of 'meat' bearing animals to keep you going whilst out in the wilds.
Foraging for green stuff  for your 5 a day suppliments..
Changing tyres with two sticks and a boy scout !!!
The slow race and skills course.

With a camp fire, live music, food and plenty of drink the days were long and friendly meetings, the whole event was a great break with a gang of like minded people.
Thanks Sam and Iain plus the team.

Here are a few pictures, and I am now off to see what competitions are around to win. I fancy a 2 week break in the Maldives 

The wise ones camped under the trees.

Well travelled bikes by the 100's

Ian Coates is now on Twitter @IanCoatesHonda 

Friday PM, and all ready busy of 3 fields

Any bike, any style, anywhere !

Horizons Unlimited is a great website for any one thinking of travelling to ANY country in the world.
You can get advise, contacts, routes, places to stay and help if you find yourself in a strange country.
Link: HUBB

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