Tuesday, 15 July 2014

July 7 months of being unsure.

It was November 2013 that FARR atv (my last employer) decided to close its doors and 'let us all go'.

Since then I have been trying to get business from my hobby job as the only Decopierre stone effect applicator in the UK.

Today I am pretty sure that I have t give up this 'business' as it is not netting enough to live on, never mind make a planned future.
At 56 year old, the days are getting shorter, and looking at 10 year before retirement sound a lot, but it is creeping up far to quick.

The motorcycle sector is my passion, but for some reason this area of the UK has a lack of employment options within the industry.

7 months of not knowing where the next work is coming from, is enough to drive anyone crazy, so what do I do ?

So I am looking for a new direction, a new opportunity to use the compendium of knowledge and experience some where else.

Stay tuned.....

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