Sunday, 27 September 2015

Time Flies, friends ride, work get in the way.

I keep doing the National Lottery, each week hoping for that win. You know the one. Not so big that everything goes into mad mode, but enough to change your life.
The thoughts of what your world, could or should do with your new found wealth. The fact is we will never win more than the occasional £2.50 that just covers the cost of the ticket you bought and even if one did, would all those dreams you have now disappear into the ether.

Achievable Dreams is a video by a motorcycle tour company (Globebusters) that will be happy to arrange a world tour for you. You can ride all or part of the big one if you have the cash to do so. £30-40k for a full monty rotation of the globe. And yes some guys find that without the lottery win and take part in a group trip under the pre-booked, pre-planned route by very capable teams with very different riders than yourself.

If you ride in groups on a regular basis,  you will know the issues that this brings. Different riding styles, abilities and characteristics brings its own problems, The route for the brave I think, but if that is your only way to live that dream, then its a good way in, I always thought that most of the riders who take this option are married and of a certain age, as the group thing offers a certain security and peace of mind for those left behind, as well as the riders,

The go it alone riders have the advantage but often not the restrictions of the wife, family and commitments of career. On a cheaper, smaller bike and with no 'companions' to worry about, the avid adventurer could take their time and go where they please. The advantages of finding somewhere to eat sleep and ride are expanded and the other persons feelings do not exist.

As many of my Facebook and actual friends have been and done their trips this year, I have once again been swamped with work (not a bad thing), and being seasonal, I have to get it whilst I can. Planning a trip around money, time, home life and work is always a hard one. This year I have a weeks grace, which with a weekend at each end equals 9 days. With the expense of the ferry from Hull to Holland, or Portsmouth to Santander, I could be in the Alps of Pyranees within a few days or the south coast of Spain or Morroco within easy reach.
being an island nation, we have been trapped by the sea forever and the costs of ferries have always been a barrier for many. The time benefits of taking the Santander of Bilbao ferry to Spain is a bone of contention when travelling by bike.
Motorcycles have one or two passengers who need a cabin for the 18 hour trip across the Bay of Biscay. the travelers will spend more money on food and drink, BUT the motorcycle that does not take up places in the hold that cars would use, are slotted into available spaces that have no other use.

The calculations divide between A) The 2-3 day road trip through France on a £40 ferry or tunnel ticket that gets you under or over the channel, followed by blasting through France with the associated tyre, chain and backside wear and tear, Hotels and French motorway boredom. or B) Sitting on a ferry for 18 hours with food, drink, a show or movie then a big breakfast before running the gauntlet of morning rush hour in Santander.
There is an argument that the costs are about the same, but the time may be the issue. Plus that old one about the ride is the ride and a part of the adventure.

The point of this post is simply, I need to do my trip before its to late. The snow is coming, the icy roads of the UK and extra layers are about to happen and another year is almost over,

If like me you plan it, make sure you do it. Life is to short and age is not a great advantage.

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