Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Updates.... Feb already.

Hmmmmn! March start, though still the target, no exact date has been decided due to production issues. As mentioned, plans to film the trip for posterity have been included in the remit, so getting all that 'stuff' confirmed is a slightly slower process than thought.

I am however seeking a 'Team Member' using this simple calculation.

Biker + Mancunian + Celebrity x free in March = March start. Simples:

Any ideas on an E-mither or here.

Twitter: ALMOST at 1000 followers @Road2Manchester , RT me and lets hit 1k by the end of Feb.

Wish List: Crossing just about every State, in the USA, means every weather pattern there is.

Deserts, Mountains, Rain, Wind, and nice sunny days (I hope).

What to wear?????

Despite my collection of 2 jackets, 3 helmets, 3 prs gloves, leather pants, 2 pairs of boots, muff,s bandanas, face masks, long johns, wicking shirts etc etc etc; There is always something that is not quite right.

Riding on short trips from home is simple. Weather this wekend is ----------- so I will wear-----------. Easy.

This trip I really need...

NordKapp Infinito Adventure Suit.

A) Inner liner is a two way jacket that can be worn alone. Windproof and thermal.

B) Middle Layer: Mesh and panel armoured summer jacket, worn over A), or alone.

C) Outer breathable, waterproof, vented.

Pants to match, means ALL weather, all temperature multi wear.

VISIT for clothing, parts, camping gear, lighting,

FREE fitting service. M27 Manchester. Tell em' road2manchester sent ya!

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