Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Work before play....

Been busy, so a bit short on information updates last week.

I have however found a great route planning tool called http://www.myrouteonline.com/ . This is a great system that gives the user a multi-point address plan, on a single or many journeys.

For distribution or holiday routes, it's better than standard google map, and the map below shows an outline route for Road2Manchester that was 'optimised' to give the shortest route between all 30 Manchesters.

The March start dates have not been confirmed due to weather patterns in the northern states, so an April or even May start has been 'suggested'.
The on-going organisation of the filming and 'the other team member' , is still pending, and news of who the lucky one is, will be announced once the PR team is ready.
Once everything is in place, there will be a full press release, and dates will be set in stone.

Meanwhile, I am getting some miles in on the Beemer, to get my biker head on for the 300-500 mile days that are ahead.



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