Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Biking Days

Market Square, Settle.
Lovely day for March 1st, so I put my bad back on hold (thanks to a few tablets), let the list of housework slip out of my mind, (never a hard task),and got the GS' out of wraps.

Having decided on the town of Settle, the small market town nestled in the Yorkshire/Lancs borders, it took a good few miles to get my riding head on. Fifty or so miles across the Lancashire hills is a good way to spend the best biking day this year (so far).

Its a funny thing how riding clears your head. Total concentration in the first and last few miles of any ride, seem essential from a safety and 'into the flow' perpective.

Having not ridden for even a short time, and the odd gear clunk, over banking, and mad braking really wakes one up.

Taking the obligatory M60 & M66 over to Haslingdon, towards Clitheroe, and pass the witches haven of Pendle Hill, the roads were quiet, clear and quick enough. This part of the North West is stunning on a sunny day, and many from the south frantically pass the area on the M6 heading for the Lake District, miss out on some classic vistas.
Settle has a small street market which is limited to a few stalls, and the mixture of cafes, chip shop and pubs mix well within the natural stone buildings. Bah-Gum, Really country-fied, proper "Last of the Summer Wine", meets All Creatures Great and Small.

I parked next to a brand new 30yrs anniversary model R1200GS, and sat opposite talking to owners, John & Jean, enjoyed a brew, and swopping stories about trips to the Pico mountains in Spain, and trips to Portugal and France.

John's new baby was new to the road, as well as to him and Jean, and plans to travel to Holland this month with the TRIUMPH club , were confirmed.
Bikers chat...... always.

Bad back ????? not at the moment, but ................

CAPTAINS LOG......................................... NO NEWS
Tornados and heavy snow, stateside. NUFF SAID.
I am keen, but not crazy.

More if and when.

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