Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nice day for a ride.

I passed my (Car) driving test in about 1973, (Yes, 1st time), and since then I have travelled the UK extensively. Both for work and play in various vehicles from a bicycle to a 7.5ton truck. (and on foot). I have been to the North Yorkshire Moors more than once, but today was probably the best and most exciting visit to date.

Weather. Misty and damp, with the odd sunny moment.

Roads. Bit muddy but quiet.

Route: Manchester to Skipton via Clitheroe, Gisburn. Tea and Scones in Skipton. Then: Grassington, (What a fantastic road, if only the sun was out.) Over to Hawes, even better. On towards Ingleton (B6255 Challenging) passing that 'long' viaduct and sweeping left back over the tops towards Settle. Probably the best roads in the North West, if not the UK , and scenery to ride for.

I imagine that on a Sunday, with the 'Joe Public' & 'Plod' all over the place, it would not have been so much fun, but today....... perfic.

Biker Cafe Hawes.

I know for a fact that there a few million Manc's that pass this area on a bank holiday or sunny Sunday to go further north, BUT forget the Lake District, the NYM's are better. If you are a visitor to the UK and want to see James Herriot & Wuthering Heights country. Head North. (Lancaster turn off the M6 turn East. ) Or from Skipton, follow Grassington then your nose.

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Thanks to Mrs J for her company today. XXX

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